Katarina is forcing you to marry her but Maria is already in love with you. What do you do?

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I marry Bakarina then cheat on her with Maria.

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YuriCHADs we are going to win this

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Why are people making multiple Bakarina threads?


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deluded s/u/bhuman tranny back to your cave

Based Vitaposter.

Seeth harder heteronigger

This thread is far better than other with bland unrecognizable bland white OP pic.

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Bakarina is cute, haha..

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Bakarina is for Crow.

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Catarina, I...

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Would Bakarina fall in love with Rean Schwarzer or will their combined density form a singularity?

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Bakarina for Rean..

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Rean is for Maria.

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Bakarina is mine

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Catarina is for Mary's exlcusive use

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This girl comes running and kneels in front of you to eat the muffins that fell on the ground

What would you do?

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Nope, Bakarina is mine. I'm going to deflower her on our wedding night.

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Bakarina only for edgy guy like me!!

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I fucked Bakarina but forgot all about her. Who's Bakarina?

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Fuck off. Bakarina is mine.

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>I fucked Bakarina
How much you pay for fuck with her? 50 mira?
Bakarina is the second Anguis of Ouroboros bud.. she getting a role to play on certain anime lately..

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Knock her down, kneel down and do the same.

She is mine, Kys

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fuck off already cancer faggots

She's mine, get raped you nigger. Also I'll fake my death and resurface months later in the army with a mask and new name.

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I'll fuck her for free.

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Good job Yas Forums

Katarina, Maria, Sophia and Mary are all yandere for you. How do you escape?

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>Fuck her for free

Reported, special support selection will come to (You)r place.

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I'd eat Maria's sweaty muffin.

Why escape ?

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She's mine you ignoramus.

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Pixiv link?

I'm going to save Bakarina from my pedophile best friend and then marry her.

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Yas Forums thread.
Yas Forums fanbase.

Fuck off, Bakarina is mine

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Is the manga a harem? The latest issue had them all blushing and skipping a beat over that baka. Even the girls.

Sweaty sex with Bakarina!

Bakarina is already my wife.

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Yes it is.

As a yurichad who doesn't believe in harem endings, I really don't know who I want to win.

>artist really is making one for every harem member

Acchan no

Just imagine Georgio and Mary's faces if they'd heard that

Wrong, she is mine

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