Power levels

>power levels

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What a shit translation, Goku didn't knew about power levels until Saiyans with their scouters.

actually there tons of verses that could stomp dbz franchise so who cares

Who would win, Chi-chi or Videl?

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It's a joke you retard.

>power levels
Such twaddle.

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Chichi wins in terms of fashion sense.

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Chi Chi is a much better fighter.

>does exactly that in their respective arcs
>decades later makes fun of the concept while mentioning them by name
I can hear the raughs from here

The art in early Dragon Ball is amazing

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too bad Toriyama become a total hack

power levels literally ruined dragon ball

How come Dragon Ball never reached normalfag status like Dragon Ball Z did?

adult goku is more appealing than kid goku

That is true only for mutts

Shota protagonist filtered the retards. Aging up is always a mistake.

Fun fact for the anglo friends, in some parts of the spanish speaking world chichi means cunny

OG DB is about the adventure, DBZ is about the fights. HMMM I WONDER WHY

I'd guess that DBZ had almost no eastern culture/humor/references and was almost exclusively about the fights, thus making it more appealing to the west as a whole and especially to double digit iq Yas Forums retards and spics.

Huh? Here in Scandinavia everyone read Dragonball, but when Z came it sold like shit and got dropped.

Because Dragon Ball is a joke series while DBZ is more "serious"

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Are you fucking retarded? Dragon Ball is Dragon Ball. There is not "Dragon Ball Z" when reading the manga. Also, what the fuck do you mean it was dropped?

OG is beloved everywhere in the world. Only amuritards are obsessed with Z.

>Also, what the fuck do you mean it was dropped?
Translation company stopped translating and publishing it in the country due to low sales compared to OG Dragonball manga.

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That is your country having some retarded publishers. Dragon Ball Z is not a manga, Dragon Ball is. Also all of scandinavia isn't the same. Sweden has all of the Dragon Ball volumes translated.

Videl can fly and chichi in defiance of all logical writing cannot, they are too close otherwise for the win to go to anybody but Videl.

She didn't design the armor her father gave her dumbkof.

In my mexico it means titty

>Dragon Ball Z is not a {headcanon}
this meme again

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The whole series was a fluke.

Why was young Chichi drawn so fucking sexy? God damn.

OG DB takes too long to become good and stops being a kid's show as soon as Goku is a teen..
While Z is action-packet from the get-go and has better individual arcs storywise.

Dragon Ball Z's content feels a lot more familiar to people in the west. Defending earth from super villains, massive action scenes, saving what you hold dear, the struggle between good and evil. It's pretty much a big super hero series on par with marvel and dc shit.
Meanwhile OG Dragon Ball feels a lot more like a sports anime. The focus is a lot more on learning martial arts, improving upon your abilities and competing in sport events against other equally good practitioners. It's all a bit less relatable to the average Joe

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>Translation company stopped translating and publishing it in the country due to low sales compared to OG Dragonball manga.
Huh? Sweden published all 42 volumes, at least. Are you thinking of those shitty comic adaptations of the Z movies?

yes americans hate training and education

Wow, Toriyama must be the luckiest fucker on the planet to fluke his way into making back-to-back smash hits with Slump and DB.

>It's all a bit less relatable to the average Joe
the average burger like sports and working out. ball failed because it was shit in til Demon King Piccolo showed up, even then the DKP arc was trash.

All 42 volumes yeah, but Z books are what happens after.
There was also the GT manga.


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Comfy story
I wonder if I can still make something of myself

Z books are just the (non-canon) movies in manga/comic form. Volume 17-42 are the equivalent of the Dragonball Z anime.