Aya Hirano: I Will Continue Voicing Haruhi and Konata

Aya Hirano did Yamakan's Hare Hare Yukai dance: twitter.com/Hysteric_Barbie/status/1254255212555976704

'I Will Continue Voicing Haruhi and Konata': twitter.com/wendeeleevo/status/1250569223392227328

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The seiyuu is hinting the season 3, I think it's being worked on.

holyshit haruhi anime was aired 14 years ago

Madoka is our new Goddess, Haruhi was obsolete.

>And Kyoashes would continue to animate them

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Have you been living under a rock? Aside from the fire, Kyoani doesnt take shit from any publisher anymore. As much as I liked the series, its not happening.

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Why is she crawling back to the people she shat on?


Dragon Maid is not that long ago.

>third class voice actor continues to voice a character from a long-forgotten show in a sad attempt at gaining new gigs

Why would she need to? She gets tons of roles in other anime and games. Hell, she's pretty much full-time on Cygames payroll with the number of roles she voices in their games. She also helps with the motion capture.

This article is 6 months old.

Didn't she fuck a whole band?


Amagi Park is not their IP, though

She outright stated that she hates her fans and only sees them as a stepping stone to becoming a full-fledged actor

14 years later she's still stuck as a VA. lul

>long-forgotten show
Tell me more about how your fotm anime will still be hailed as classics in 10 years' time

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Exceрt the bassist.

One of my favourite animes is getting a remake this summer :^)


And it was their best anime since Hyouka.

You're proud of that?
Like you're expecting good results?

Jesus Christ.

Hibike Euphonium as well

Gets me every time


I know. But who cares? She's a damn good VA and I enjoy every role she voices. I don't care what she thinks of me because I can seperate an artist from their art.

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Never watched it
You sure it was not their property?

Which happens to also not be their IP.

So do I
But man, if wanna make a career in showbiz, be sure to act like a person worthy of respect.
Especially when you are not a westerner where such an attitude is hailed as progressive

>she hates her fans
is there's a link for this interview?

I don't know about you but Shinsekai Yori is going to be 10 years in 2 years and I expect it to age like fine full-bodied wine.

>33 years old
would you Yas Forums ?

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