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Have the Beasts Pirates been redeemed?

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Time for an Adventure in Onigashima.

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>Urouge and Enel are cousins
>Moon theory
>Reverse mountain will collapse to form all blue
> Dragon is Xebecs son
>Burgess gets the paw paw fruit
>Pell actually did die
>Usopp is the most handsome strawhat
>Long nose tribe
>Kaido's son is actually dead
>Crocodile used to be a girl
>Bonnet is Luffy's mom

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Do I have to wait for the final arc for him to get the cool pirate hat?

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does anyone has a link for all the raws?

>Fucking Kyoshiro, making me fight some god damn invisible Power Ranger for him

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>Who's Who is Gin

"It says: wanted dead; Huge D. Kiku; one billion berrys every time she's misgendered."

Not yet.

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>Crocodile used to be a girl
tfw no croc mommy gf

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I know this is factually wrong, but
>Dellinger is Doflamingo's biological son

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>Cool pirate hat
I'm afraid it will be a cape.

>2 sub-types to each haki, each can be improved to another tier
>we're missing:
second tier of Ryou
second tier of CoC AeO Knockout
>Asura is a second tier of animal domination sub-type of CoC. It dominates human senses and causes illusions

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Kneel before God.

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Reminder that humans in OP can have horns (it's a regular physical trait) and that the way Ulti and Komurasaki speaks is typical geisha/oiran speech.

When Coby meets Luffy again this is all that will happen.

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God theres so much nothing happened I forgot the chapter's out and I already read it

Hiyori was better back then.


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Urouge was the Sky Night/God of Birka before Enel destroyed it.

Imu has the strongest CoC.

Wanze rumours are real

will Oda deliver some good sword fights since most people involved in this battle use swords?

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>Brûlée ate Carrot
>Monkey D. Hancock
>Roronoa Kiku (post-Horo Horo shot)
>Vinsmoke Bon Clay (no Horo Horo shot)
>Shanks isn't hiding anything under his plot armor
>Elizabello ate the Nikyu Nikyu and punched Vivi to death

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Oh definitely, she had attitude and were a strong presence. Now she's less interesting than Rebecca.

>Wanze rumors
Do I dare ask?

Entire Red Line will collapse. All Blue was the planet's name all along

Teach and Banchina were siblings

Pretty cool of Oda to explain for the fifth time the different hierarchies in the Beast Pirates. I almost had forgotten.

Honestly I was expecting more of a strong rank and file crew of zoan users that are formidable on their own.

So far everything below flying six rank is utter shit and the designs are a joke.
Even the flying six just look like a random cipherpol-like crew pastede onto the arc.

It's kinda clear the yonko crews are top heavy in terms of power but these gifter shitters are a total joke and can be defeated just by sneezing at them.

>Pell actually did die
How? Did he have a secret twin?

>Kikus penis
>My waifu
>Carrot is the lookout
>No she isn't you furfag
>Luffy wants 10 members
>Say it Loud, Say it Proud
>Who's on first. What's on second

Everyone follow this plan and we can get this thread over with quickly

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>different hierarchies

Bet you're fun at parties.

Bon clay

I forgot two:
>Toko is Perona's daughter; father unknown
>Perona will arrive in Wano and will defeat Hawkins by removing her socks

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my Bigmom and beast pirate tier list.

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>Say it LOUD
>Say it PROUD

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Yes, Who's who will be Zoro's hardest fight in the series.

Oda said he likes to draw mechas. Will he?

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But we did see Pell later too.


>Toko is probably around 9
>Perona is 25
>Father is known to be Yasui

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>Oda said he likes to draw mechas
Kidd will awaken his fruit and do everything bullet can

Yeah it's weird that they somehow have all the dinosaur fruits but no regular zoans in the crew.

That's not one of the 5 subjects allowed in these threads
You'll have to talk about Kiku or Carrot to fit in

According to Sanji vs Wanze fight, this might’ve been what Wanze rumors is really about. Perhaps there are rumors that there’s something amiss with Wanze that we don’t know since it’s being covered up. Perhaps there’s something sinister, terrifying, or concerning about Wanze. Perhaps there truly is a hidden message by Oda written in his character. Perhaps Wanze will die far sooner than we expected it would. Or perhaps Wanze will debut in Wano soon.

Now granted, the “official” story of Wanze Rumors doesn’t at one point mention the Corona or Yellowstone. One could argue that that’s because what we’re seeing is a disinformation campaign on the part of CIA or the global government as a whole. It’s ultimately up to you to decide, but I think that if nothing else, this adds an interesting layer to what’s already a very bizarre story with two wildly different versions to it.

Kaido has a very refined taste in zoans. No normalfag shit.

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

I mean, if Doffy didn't get his Immortality, Dellinger was shaping up to be a pretty good heir.

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enjoy your 404 thread

It just works...

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Nothing happened in this chapter
Tobi Roppo are irrelevant compared to King/Queen/Jack, Oda revealed Kaido's crew in the wrong order

Dragon and Dofflamingo use children as soldiers

Kaido >= Big Mom > Katakuri > King > Cracker > Queen > Jack > Smoothie > Drake > Oven > Perospero > Page One > Daifuku
We don't know about the other Tobi Roppo but they should be between Drake and Page One


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I bet you think repeating the same conversation over and over makes a party interesting

King > Katakuri
I'm a Katafag but let's be real. BP are top heavy compared to other yonko crws.

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>Cracker > Queen > Jack > Smoothie > Drake > Oven
Oven should be above all of them, Oven is literally a walking sun if he wants to be and can melt anything on command

I wanna see Enel making a comeback.

Holy shit, Drakefags are the new Doffyfags.

>Damnit Sis you don't need to protect me don't get yourself in trouble!

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