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Why the fuck are they carrying luggage?
What the fuck is wrong with that world?
Aren't they supposed to be nobles?

Bakarina will always be best girl.

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what fat fujo draw this

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The only good Bakarina thread now.

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is she a dog

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There's no way she could have smelled a basket of muffins from 40 feet away while outside.

>tfw no one will ever rip or tl it

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Fuck off to your containment board

>Yas Forumsfag still mad his shit thread got deleted
>tries reverse trolling

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Fresh muffins? If the breeze blows towards you you damn well can.

Why is Mary dressing like a tavern wrench, I don't remember her looking like this in the manga/LN.

>40 feet away
That's less than 15 meters.
If the wind blows in the right direction, it's easy.


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wait she places hand firmly on her sides in this scene
this doesn't look like a dress hem
don't you fucking tell me those are her hips
my dick can barely take Mary tits, MC fivehead and her milf mom as is

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Why having multiple threads? We already have one here

>her mom literally just tell her not to lift her skirt and eat food on the ground
>she immediately do it this episode
Now I see why she needs a tardwrangler.

This thread is older than the other thread. Your complaint is a bit misplaced.

Don't bother replying to the Yas Forumstard. Wish janny would clean up the other thread.

Didn't having one thread get deleted make you realize you're not welcome here?

But they have a lot more replies

>W-wwaah he must be v tard
Fuck off

they wear wires to keep that stuff up like that

Fuck off with your Yas Forums shit.

Just filter his ass and hide his thread, don't bother replying.

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That's not a filter dude.

Now don't be particular with me Satan. You weren't about that apple.

So how long does it takes for the Bakarina books to be ripped from Kindle into a PDF? I am asking for a friend that is broke.

Who is even subbing this?

My brain turns off when I see tendies too.
How is she not fat?

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channeling mana burns calories.

Shut it down, SHUT IT DOWN!

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but I channel mana through my wand every day

your sissy little wand couldn't burn through half a calorie if you even tried

She works the fields, climbs trees and sword trains all the time. Basically she isnt exactly not burning all the calories.