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Post untranslated/dropped manga that you're reading today. Also, if you're looking for a new manga project to pick up, you come to the right place.

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To that user, I'm still working on this, hopefully first few chapters will be finished by the time you dumped Hirasaka Hinako raws.

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is this just me or the artist fucked up this part? Her left hand looks weird. I wonder if they fixed it in Tankoubon

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If the user that translated pic related is here, first of all thank you - I'm blown away by how good this was.
Secondly, I noticed you haven't uploaded it anywhere else other than that mega a few days ago. Asking just to make sure but is it ok if I mirror it to mangadex? If you want to upload it at a later date that's fine too, just asking since I wouldn't want it to sit hidden in one post in the archive forever is all.

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There's this new series by Nagashii Kouhei that started in Big Gangan last year, but the raws I could find are incomplete (they only ripped some series instead of the whole magazine). Also it doesn't have a tankoubon release yet, so it might be pricy to rip each issues, should I wait until it's out on kindle?

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Fuck, I must have missed the thread. Can you link it?
And thanks to the TL user of course.



How do Yas Forumsnonymous organize their release? Who I should contact if I want to help and how?

>posted on the day of my birthday
Yeah, that explains why I missed it. Thank you again, user. I wanted to read it ever since I found this old blog 7-8 years ago.


Hey I've been buying some old manga I like that don't have public raws but so far they've basically all been digital. But now I'm thinking about getting some things that have never been officially digitized and possibly never will. I don't want to destroy them but wouldn't mind sharing them in a quality good enough to read at least so what is the best method, has scanner technology advanced any farther since two decades ago when I last saw one?

in exh community there's someone called shakuganexa who scan porn doujin in 4K resolution and one file could reach 10MB size (his "lowest resolution" quality), dunno how he do it but he opens a scanlation shop for doujin. So to answer your question, yes the technology has advanced.

Does the manga get threads with anons working on them in it? If so offer help there. If not ask here and or DM/@username whoever uploaded the manga to MD.

Sure go ahead. I'm glad people get to experience that crazy masterpiece, though I don't think mangadex's viewer is ideal.

Man thank you (presumably) for bringing this to my attention to begin with

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A noble effort but there are so many public raws of cool stuff out there that just gather dust as nobody translates them... it's actually kinda sad.

Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko? is a goddamn masterpiece and it needs to be picked back up. so many untranslated raws

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>Man thank you (presumably) for bringing this to my attention to begin with
Ahem, that would be meNice to see that occasionally spamming it here and there beared fruits. In case you're interested, there's an obscure sequel that seems to be just as crazy.


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isn't this being translated by squigglesJP? I know he has too many projects, did he drop this?

yeah, it seems like it. there hasn't been a translated chapter since February

I understand that, but I'm at least buying the stuff for me, I just thought it'd be nice to share it if it was convenient. Since I prioritize spending my money on things I can't get otherwise, if I share them then the next person can prioritize buying what isn't shared minus all the stuff I bought.

there are two chapters update like 23-21 days ago.

Does anyone know where to find scans of manga in other languages? Like french, italian, spanish?

man fuck mangakakalot

write sisters , untranslated after ch08 also axed a while after that

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Anyone knows what font is this?

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Also this one

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post a pastebin with the list of names and maybe someone will pick them up for you

That's a great idea.

looks cool, does the fire power comes from the left loli?

This is the best idea. You can make a ghetto version with just a cardboard box, a sheet of glass, and a camera. Most raws are shit, and even shit raws are better than no raws.

This is the wrong mentality. If there are raws then one day it can be picked up, even if it's in the future. What's sad is all the manga that will probably never be scanned and is lost forever.

I want someone to pick this up.


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I uploaded the first chapter and some user started typesetting, I have chapter 2 cleaned as well but I haven't uploaded it yet. The cleaned pages for chapter 1 are in the archive somewhere, I'll probably do three chapters per thread from now on.

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Oh shit, yeah I'm totally interested in that, sadly I'm getting slammed with some error trying to register on that site (they should allow overseas registrants from the looks of it)