What went right?

What went right?

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Kuro's wild unkempt hair makes one diamonds
Miu's love for her oniichan is great
Ilya is unnecessary
Stella is a bitch
Leysritt is the best
Too many other female characters to list

Lewd lolis.

Absolutely nothing you cancerous pedophile.

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fuck off normalfag


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so puffy...

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Nothing. No doujins with Illya still..

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>brown skin
>white hair

anyone else think this is a fucking shitty combination?

no, fuck off contrarian

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The lack of Chloe in these threads is a shame.
It's always fucking Kuro, Illya or Miyu. Never Chloe.

My rock-hard dick went right into Kuro's brown butthole, that's what.

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brown cunny

Although, you have to admit she's decent at taking pictures.

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She talented, but that doesn't mean she's not photogenic either.

>using contrarian as an insult on a contrarian website

>but that doesn't mean she's not photogenic
How do you know? Care to present some photographic evidence?

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I would be she told me not to post them. I can't stop others if they have pictures of Chloe.

One day, I'll wake up next to a girl like her. Wish me luck, Yas Forums...

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If she doesn't want her pics posted here, maybe you shouldn't say it's a shame anons aren't posting? I understand that you can't control what other anons post, but you shouldn't encourage them.

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Traditional clothes

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She won't get over she shyness if people won't post her more. I can't do it but you other anons can.

Sella needs more love.


Admit that you want anons posting her pics to make her sad so you can take advantage by comforting her. Despicable.

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I would never do that

You are alone with your shitty opinion, faggot.

Then why don't you post her pictures to help her overcome her shyness? Why do you want to put the blame on other anons?

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Guaranteed replies

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Because she'll know it's me.

Chloe's always hiding behind her cousin-sister Illya.

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That's Kuro

No, that's Chloe. This is Kuro.

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