There's just something about young 2D girls isn't there Yas Forums?

There's just something about young 2D girls isn't there Yas Forums?

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they're cute and sometimes quite funny as well

Yeah, especially when they're traced off of 3D ones.

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it's clearly not traced

This looks traced.

Don't insult the master, pleb.

Rustle pls

>retards accusing Murata of tracing
Here you see what you should think of retards who claim that something looks traced.

just I M A G I N E

funny tummy

>something about young 2D girls
Yes, you're right! They're cute and funny!

It doesn't just look traced, the coloring and lighting on the bodies is too pixel perfect. and there's none of that from the neck up
Everything except the faces and hair looks like a bit crushed photo in the thumbnail, and the background is definitely a bitcrushed photo.
I dont have anything against that. I think whatever tools you use to make something look decent is your business, but do you have any evidence it's not traced?

>prove a negative

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God I wish she as me

Nigger, you're on the faith side of this.
I've giving you the evidence that leads me to believe it's traced, i.e. it looks janky in ways that indicate some kind of photo editing. You've given "trust me he's a master"
And it's easy to prove, show the evidence that convinced you for one, or show me a video of his process making a picture i think looks traced.
If i were accusing the other Murata of tracing, or Inio Asano, you could pull up a video exonerating them or not, respectively.
And "prove a negative" is just not an example of a conclusive argument. I'm merely asking you if you based your opinion on anything I'd think is solid or are we both just going with our gut. If that's your way of admitting you've got fucking nothing, then i guess that's that.

Show me the image it is tracing.

You misunderstand, I don't give a shit about convincing you.
I'm merely asking you for the third time why the hell you think that picture isn't traced

not him
Why would a 51yo trace? the old man's art is never in the spot light.

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Because it doesn't look traced.

I want a loli trace on my dick metaphorically.

>doesn't know how Murata made this picture
>trust me dude it's traced I can tell from the pixels!
I'll trust Murata more than some random baiting internet piece of shirt trolling faggot.
Your turn.

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that looks almost 3d, please die pedo

Pedophiles are doomed from birth, end your fucking misery already.

>the evidence that leads me to believe it's traced
But you don't actually have evidence, just the worthless opinion of some faggot on the internet

I miss sakurafish!

This looks too much like it's traced from 3D. I don't like that.

It does look like a real photo with a filter but that's probably because murata is a master

Fuck me, that's really good work on the dresses.

The background is probably a filtered photo.

What kind of disease does the big girl have on the left side of her face and neck?

I clicked on this thread thinking there would be more cutelewd drawings. I feel cheated.

Everyone else has already called you out on your retardation so all I want to add is:
>Flat lighting on the faces
This is definitely intentional, faces in anime are more on the side of symbols than pictures. If you give it too much detail you start to realise that "holy shit this person is deformed" Note that the ears are properly shaded.