Finally, an entire episode devoted to Himawari.

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What a cute and funny episode

Himawari should have been the protag instead of Bort

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I never watched a single episode of Naruto in my life.
I'm just here to admire the thighs on that loli on the right.

Your degeneracy is palpable

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no :^)

Well you are in luck that loli got her own episode today, so go watch it already.

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She takes after her mother.

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whos the other cunny

Yuina, a little wannabe ninja girl who will never show up in another episode

The way things in the anime becoming canon, this is himawari's' new squad mates in the future

in looks only though

Even the mail man that appeared for like 4 seconds earlier in the episode has appeared in like 5 episodes so I doubt she'll never appear again.

Post more Yuina!!

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I watched a scene of her being extremely creepy and abusive toward her brother. A huge turn off.

don't lewd the sunflower

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Waiting for that pixiv artist to make his lewds for this episode.

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Her design isn't so generic that they won't use for more filler/as a background character in the future.

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So is Himawari going to be a ninja in the future? It seems like the writers don't really want to confirm or deny it.

Wow boy pushing a girl around when you both are what, 8? Toxic masculinity got through into the Ninja world!

Does it matter, the flashforward in the first episode already hints that ninjas are gona go the way of the of samurais by the end of the series.


If it actually happens. It's obvious at this point that the entire plot of Boruto is him learning how to see and avoid his future. That's literally what the Jougan's purpose. From Momo talking about how shit his future is supposed to be to "knowing" where Urashiki is going to teleport, needing to know Nue's exact weakpoint and Toneri's entire speech. None of what Kawaki did/is going to do in that flashforward matters. Screencap this.

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Because he was meant to be evil

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She becomes a beauty when she grows up

So it's another fan creation like Denki?

In the flash forward Konoha was nuked and we seen Konoha get nuked with Pain invasion and they rebuilt. Just because Kawaki said that the age of ninjas is over does not mean it's actually over.