NHK > 3-Gatsu

The anime with this guy is a far superior representation of depression and anxiety then 3-gatsu. Prove me wrong
You 3-gatsu fags can eat shit.

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Best delusional NEET protag right here

This guy gets i-
>NHK anime
into the trash it goes

>He wants to pretend the book and manga are superior
Get some taste for good media scrub

I can at least agree with you that the manga is trash, even more so than the anime.

But can we agree that the anime beats the hell out of Shit-gatsu?


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The amount of contrarians that dislike Welcome to the NHK on Yas Forums is one of the many nails in the coffin of the idea that this place is some connoisseur palace filled with distinguished gentlemen watching anime while sipping brandy.

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>using NHK for fanbase war bait thread
If only the mods acted responsibly. Or just not being fucking incompetent shit retards.

what the fuck is 3 gatsu?

It does though. 3-Gatsu only has emotional depth if you’re a hormonal teenage girl. NHK is able to hit hard to young adults because it’s themes of opening yourself up to the world are handled in a much more mature way.

I agree, but what’s weird is these fags love to praise 3-Gatsu and reddit loves it too. So at some level they cease being contrarian and just have terrible taste.

It's "connaisseur" retarded American, stop corrupting French language.

Both rely on the unrealistic concept that some girl will stumble into your life and stay there to help you regain happiness.
It will never happen.

please don't do this, the shows have different reasons for existing

>lol just get a job bro
>better than anything
at least the novel was more interesting

3-gatsu girls > NHK slut

They don’t “rely” on that aspect at all. The girls aren’t necessary to convey the message

But if they weren't there nothing would have ever happened.

I don't like 3-gatsu either but you don't have to be a faggot about it.

At least have the common courtesy to prove your own point first.

I like both, and dont compare it.

Why would you even compare those two. Are those the only none shonen shows you watched?


It does. The melodramatic 3 gatsu is a failed attempt to be mature that appeals to those easily flattered by serious approaches.

Good man, you get it.

This guy gets it

Exactly, NHK ni Youkoso is specifically about arrested development, which 90% of anons suffer from, while 3-gatsu is about trying to live amongst society and others despite all your personal problems, which most anons would rather run away from because it hurts their fee fees too much

Terrible analysis and misunderstanding about both shows.

Nhk is about someone who wants to have a purpose and meaningful relationships, but has given up and doesn't know what to do anymore. Because of that he has developed anxiety and paranoia, and has gotten himself into a spiral of decline. Its a dark comedy that doesn't take itself seriously but has serious themes.

3 gatsu is a coming of age story about a kid who has purpose and relationships, but they're dysfunction. It's about him learning that he has worth outside of those things that others have imposed upon him as an integral part of his character. It's a SoL drama that takes itself seriously.

You're allowed to like either story. I preferred NHK, as it left a memorable, lasting impression, and despite not attempting to be mature or realistic, the accuracy of the issues it explored at its core, were.

>I preferred NHK
As any reasonable viewer with taste would. Good analysis btw.

Yeah like totally! Fuck those plebs.

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The thing is I can really appreciate the message 3-gatsu is offering, but I can't stand the drawn out delivery the anime offers. 3-gatsu's biggest weakness is an apparent lack of focus in the writing. It isn't clear to the viewer what direction the characters are going in terms of development because it happens so gradually, and this comes across as uncertainty from the author. This wouldn't be a problem if the show didn't take itself too seriously, similar to NHK. It clearly tries to wrestle between a drama and SOL story, and again this just comes across as uncertainty from the writer, which is never good.