The Hidden-Resurrection of Haruhi Suzumiya

A surprising amount of Haruhi related content—social media and others—have been on a secret rise of occurrence lately. From ‘God Knows’ performances by Aya Hirano, social gatherings between the main cast, concert performances by the leading three VAs, and much more recently even Twitter/Instagram activity by the voice actors, sub and dub—there has been an interesting rise in the attention that the cast have been giving to Haruhi.
What does this mean for Haruhi? Is it simply the actors calling back to the old days in memoriam, or is something going to happen after all these years?

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Give me S3 or give me death

I miss her bros

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Don't get my hopes up...

If it comes back at the same time as bleach I'm calling conspiracy

I assume that they were reminded of the show by the KyoAni fire.
As for an S3?
It could be a rebuild-scheme by KyoAni to go back to their hated enemies and cooperate one more time. But we would probably not like the result.

Doesn't Kadokawa still host the franchise hostage? As long Kadokawa or Kyoani remain alive there won't be new material.

t. bassist

>Doesn't Kadokawa still host the franchise hostage?
More like Tanigawa refuses to write after 10 years

how many years has it been Yas Forums
its felt like a decade

does pic related mean there will actually be more haruhi?

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Some 5 years, if you count Nagato-anime.

9 years since the last 2 novels
11 since the anime
10 years since the movie

Why do you follow dub actresses?

>I want to too
That construction sounds terrible

He should get to work finishing the story then. Though they do have plenty of great content to animate already, could pretty easily do another few seasons with what was out years and years ago.



At this point would it even be big news if a new season plus LN got announced?
I feel like the market has moved on and it'd be a bigger deal in the West for the sake of memes than it would be in Japan for old fans.

Honestly substandard translations have fucked with my English tolerance. In my mind that's passable cause I just think "oh I can totally hear that in Japanese"

I saw this on my feed and said to myself why the fuck am I back in 2007.

Depends. I've never seen the show myself, but if it's in the nature of the story to be cyclical then it's perfectly fine. Unless they somehow graduated or grew apart by the end of it.

fuck off dub tranny.

Haruhi still moves product though. I think it depends on which studio were to be adapting it; if KyoAni came back into the scene with a new season it'd be a bigger deal than the couple of mediocre spinoffs we've already gotten over the years from other studios.

this was on the top searched recent post for “Aya Hirano”

>Index S3 was shit
>FMP was shit
>Kizu was shit
>this will also be shit

>At this point would it even be big news if a new season plus LN got announced?
Some nostalgiafags would make a big deal about it, but the rest would just be indiferent. Sequels after a decade tend to be flops since the target audience has changed. The innovative stuff that made the show popular in the first place has been overused so much during the following years that viewers are already desensitized to what the sequel has to offer

>FMP was shit
Jesus I forgot this fucking existed.
>Kizu was shit
It was the best monogatari has been since Kuro

probably some gatcha games collabo

>kizu was shit

get your taste fixed faggot

Dubs were actually quality back then.
They actually gave a shit about performing Haurhis song in English during the concert instead of suddenly breaking immersion and switching to Japanese.


>FMP was shit
The animation quality was all over the place but the show was still good. Not Kyo-Ani tier, but good.

Are people already forgetting about the Yuki-chan anime? Doesn't that sort of count as new Haruhi content? I know it's just a parallel timeline spin-off, but it's really the best we'll probably ever get.

Well, if ever Haruhi gets a season 3 it'll be a golden age for Yas Forums once more.

Maybe when konosuba gets a season 3 too

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