What makes Appare so unlikable?

What makes Appare so unlikable?

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those makeups

His personality

He looks like a fucking twink bum

His herpes.

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His autism

His soul.

Men shouldn't wear make up.

Being an asshole, but without the smug. Watching some autist sperg at people because he doesn't understand social norms is not entertaining.

I believe you but what does he do exactly?

The very first appearance of him has him in jail because he launched a steam engine into some noble's garden. He breaks out of jail, causing the noble to send men to his parents house. He basically calls his dad a dumb cunt to his face, then flees on a steamboat he built in a secret tunnel under their home. Some stuff happens and he as well as the deuteragonist end up being stranded at sea, then picked up by a ship heading to California. He's just been an asshole the whole time. It's like the writers took Senku but didn't understand what made him cool or likable.

It's kabuki make up. It was probably common.

His fucking candy-cane looking design. Everyone on the show looks mostly normal until he shows up.

Yeah its for stage acting not to wear around town like a fag.

How do you know commoners didn't wear it too?

Give me an example of Japanese men parading around in make up.

Literally a sociopathic autist.

not being a girl

the show is fucking garbage

he's senku without any shortcomings

Did /a's opinion about this show suddenly change?

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Appare's a full on autistic savant. He straight up doesn't just not understand social norms, he isn't even aware of them most of the time. Still, he's an entertaining protagonist for the same reason.

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The characters are garbage. I'm only in it for the wacky race.

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Yeah, I already sick of the genius-that-holds-everyone-else-in-contempt type character from lots of western media. The fucking BBC Sherlock was an insufferable twat.
This type only works when they regularly get humbled or fail due to their own ego. Otherwise they're just Mary Sues for the self-absorbed lead writer.

"So we have this character, he is pretty much a perfect engineer but he lacks in social skills"
"Uh and this lack of social skills make his life hell or something?"
"Not really, everyone loves him besides it"
"That doesn't seem interesting"
"Well, he dresses as a massive fag also"

I was asking because maybe it's cultural and we don't know. I'll wait for cultured anons to redpill us

>have a harmless yet healthy hobby
>face social scorn for having interests due to retarded social misconceptions about hobby
>do some weird shit that logically should face punishment but is moreso used an excuse to punish you for being weird
>dismiss people's views on you due to how dismissive they are to you
>continue to pursue said interest regardless of social scorn
>get fed up and try to go to another place/group of people/event where you think you'll be understood/accepted
really, how does Yas Forums not understand even a basic antisocial hobbyist protagonist anymore? what the fuck happened?

I thought he was a girl and was disappointed to find out he's a man

Hero of minority

Keep crying for him