Chainsaw Man

Where is my wife, Halloween?

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what manga?

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wait, you mean MY wife, Halloween?

fire punch

quanxi stop replying to yourself

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>Halloween talks with dolls
>dolls now controlled by Halloween
>Master rekt

Holloween is taking over the country for plan b in speedy sluts master plan

>My wife, Hallloween?
>They use other words other than Halloween!


>Makima controls her fiends through fear
>Quanxi controls through love
I want makima to point her finger at me.

This new arc answered some questions but left even more ones:

- What the hell is Makima ? How many Devils if even the case ?
- What the fuck is the first devil hunter ? Bloodborne ?
- How can a highschooler look so hot ?
- Why Makima intended for this to happen ?
- Why there were no backgrounds the entire chapter? The heart?

This must be an absolutely ride to read one year from here, weekly sure plays a toll on you.

This thread is off to a good start

I was practicing art and drew quanxi. Her neck this is fucking painful to draw.

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What does first devil hunter means? Is it just a title, or is she literally the first human to kill devils? If that, is she like hundreds of years old (could be, since hybrids are immortal), or hunting devils is just relatively new?

and don't forget
-If all the hunters Makima deployed to protect Denji are 3rd rate, then where are the 1st rate Japanese hunters?

well she has the title AND has a crossbow as contract, weapon that prime age was centuries ago, so link two together and she pretty much is too old to even be called grandma

First rate devil hunters are probably like Master and Quanxi. Though maybe they're top class. So first class would be slightly less than them.

pretty much they were at the sewers cleaning some ghouls. Oh wait, wrong manga.

The dialogue implies Kishibe would be first rate if it wasnt for his age

too fast for death!

pretty good, user.
the fiend's design do go well with your painting style


unlike her girls Oh Oh Oh

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the dude that can reattach eyes.

shhh, keep it down, Makima could be listening

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So, how did Quanxi become the darkness devil?
Did they merge when the hell devil teleported them? Also, if Quanxi is darkness now, can't she take out the darkness powers that were given to Master? Also, why did Darkness call master Santa? Santa is dead.
Thanks for answering.


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