Lighthearted fun comedy show becomes serious and dark for the final episode

>Lighthearted fun comedy show becomes serious and dark for the final episode

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name three(3) instances of this

Not OP and not a show, but Gal Cleaning went hard near the end.

That's the turning point of the series.
It's all edgy from there on

He already named 1 in the pic

and Torako

Oh yeah, I wasn't expecting that at all or anything of consequence, for that matter.

>isekai garbage
Spoilers please, I'd rather not sit through shit out of curiosity.

Mahoramatic is one, though one might've been able to see the signs if they over analyzed it.

Good point. I didn't think about how that'd change the character dynamics.

The goddess is MC's reincarnated love interest. He got overly strong and cautious because it was his fault she died. He treats the goddess like shit before he knows, but also after he finds out because he's a jackass.

That's not really dark.
That's just a bit dickish.

Well, the presentation in the episode was pretty dark. At least when compared to the rest of the series which was a light-hearted gag anime until then.

Everytime i see Mahoro in the banner ;_;

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Ah, so you've mistaken a meaningful ending for being dark.
That's fair enough, happens all the time.

I really hope this show gets a Season 2. I want to see how all of this is supposed to work out.

I mean come on, they literally had a countdown to Mahoro shutting down at the end of each episode. Every episode was dark in tone purely because of how desperately she was trying to spend her remaining days living a happy life.

Can't remember name right now but time traveling heroine falls in love with mc. End episode is her returning to future and she never sees mc again. I was like 15year old kid at that time and cried like motherfucker.


master of martial hearts


Galaxy Angel did it

Mai-HiME did it way before the final episode. If anything it was mostly dark after a happy setup, but then back to happy wrap up on the final episode.

Zombieland Saga had absolute needless drama towards the end

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how is it compared to konosuba?

Did she ever awaken? I stopped watching after the blondie's episode because she was best girl and the show had peaked for me.

Is noticing the countdown overanalysis?

comedy is character-driven, the goal is to defeat the demon lord or else the world will be taken over, it has a goddess that travels alongside the hero


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I regret wasting time on this show, absolute shit

Berserk if you read it backwards.

Kill la Kill.

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It will. Chinks loved this show

At least we're done with 2000's romcom anime.
>romcom shenanigans from up 1-10
>suddenly, a plot out of nowhere on 11-12

It´s a soft comedy, they said.
Just cute angels vs cute demons story, they said.

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Don't forget that the plot from 11+ isn't actually canon, it's an anime original ending because the anime studio thought they know better than the mangaka/audience.

Looking at To Love Ru and every other similar harem series.

I hope you're right.

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I remembered that witch anime I watched on YouTube where in the last episode looped back from the first ep, making it a perfect loop.
I remembered thinking it was so stupid there's no way that happened.

No, but she gets way more docile.