What's Yas Forums's opinion on this?

What's Yas Forums's opinion on this?

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Little Red Riding Hood but with political commentary, realistic and unique animation, and great soundtrack.

One of the like 5 good animes out there,rest is trash.Thats why weebs cant stand it.

good movie

i remember there is a scene where a dude uses a lighter and the fire animation is literally KINO

More /k/ than Yas Forums but still great

Like every anime the west raves about, massively overrated.

Slow and boring with a few cool shots as bait. I still want my monies back.

Based and redpilled.

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Good animation, as expected of Okiura.

Trash writing, as expected of Oshiit.

ruined by poltards

Style over substance

cool gas mask armor men ahah

It's awesome. Throughout the whole story, it feels like a disaster about to happen, where the protagonist ends up being lured by the obvious honey-trap to his doom. But in the ending, we see that actually HE'S been the one playing THEM the entire time, and we get the catharsis of him suiting up and becoming a literally unkillable juggernaut.

You have all these fuckers plotting against him the entire movie, and then they realize - too late - that they badly underestimated him, just long enough to die in a hail of machine-gun fire.

name the other 4

They use it as a power fantasy


Why are you so upset by why Yas Forums thinks?

This. It’s only good for the animation

The movements are great, seeing a terrorist cell get mopped up feels good. All round a treat.

Preaching about the sanctity of the HUWITE RACE/YOU WILL NOT REPLACE is like shitting out cringe, and eating it.

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It's not really what they say. They're kinda like furries. They're just unlikable people with a victim complex.

There is nothing more satisfying than a hand held MG42.

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What the fuck is that?

AKA the original version of Psycho-Pass.

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Nice retelling of Red Riding Hood, though a little pushy on what it was retelling. Surrounding shilling for it is heavily overhyped though.
Movie quality was the usual, but I've lways found it to lie in the uncanny valley of anime character designs which are a bit too close to reality. The suit designs more than make up for it, and I suspect it wouldn't nearly be as popular without them alone.

The most obvious Fed in existence, or an unironic nortsi who supports gay marriage, israel, was shilled by multiple random left wing press outlets at once to skyrocket his career and seemingly has to worst possible 'slipups' possible that leak to the press at just the 'wrong' times.
Yas Forums's other options for murricun white nationalist LARP movement leaders is a mexican underage who is obsessive with optics over policy and has a close, gay catboy friend or a straight up jew (but don't worry, he's 'baste', it's the other ones which are subversive).

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This type of take usually comes from with absolutely shit and narrow tastes that can't appreciate a variety of genres.

I thought it was boring as shit.

so boring i thought its gonna be full on action but its actually just talking and more talking


They're like a disease and making discussing things on here more of a pain than they usually are

Great movie. It has an almost completely amoral sensibility you rarely see. What's more, the political machinations that drive events are basically incomprehensible and presented entirely without commentary.

The animation goes without saying, it's so lifelike I initially thought some parts was rotoscoped.

Lmao plebs, filthered, muh action you guys are seriously pathetic.

I love it, it´s a timeless classic in my eyes. I have to admit that the story and whole style are my cup of tea and that may the reasons why i like it so much.

>thing i like
based xD
>thing i dont like
cringe Dx

Gooks made a live-action of this movie.
Of course it turned out to be leftist propaganda filth