Is Nyaa down for anyone else?

Is Nyaa down for anyone else?

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It's over

oh no
not again

works on my machine

Works on my machine.

>downloading anime from communists

no thanks


Pantsu or .si?

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Same here. Works on mine too. Maybe OP just has shitty internet

It's taking an extremely long time to load the page for me but it is up

PM'd you the fix

anime belongs to the workers

Took a few more seconds to open it than usual, but it still worked for me.

What the fuck sign in


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Tried refreshing it and it takes a long time. We'll see what happens during the day. In any case what are the alternatives to nyaa? Was a streamfag until recently and so far only used nyaa.

Pantsu dead, redirects to and no pantsu anymore.
Why nh and not sadpanda btw?

You expect someone who makes threads like OP to get past the panda?

getting timed out now

It's not like there's a barrier to entry:
>make account
>login first


There are private trackers but it's hard to get in. Maybe BakaBT can be easy, mostly used for old anime as they only do batches.
Otherwise Tokyo Tosho, Anirena, Shana Project I guess

So it's being DDOS-ed again

Moving on

>and no pantsu anymore

Just like the other day for me, sukebei works but not the "fun" section.

>incognito mode
Hahaha are you using mummy's computer?

Should have looked more, thanks for the spoon-feed. Does still have more content uploaded to it?

net is pantsu

No, fuck that shit. Fuck any site that does that.
I prefer sites like Yas Forums where you don't gotta login

Yeah, user showed me. I was tricked when they redirected and removed the pantsu.

Uploaded yes but I believe pantsu is scraping them, no idea how effective they are at it though.

I see you accepted your fault. Anons will nevertheless proceed to forever bully you for being wrong

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ab chads don't have to worry about this kind of bullshit.

just use a 10 min disposable email

>tfw will never feel alone anymore
How is that bad?