Bros its been 9 years and I sill cant over it

Bros its been 9 years and I sill cant over it.
Will there ever be another anime that can be as perfect as Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
Its plot, pacing, themes, music, buildup and presentation is so godamn good that I still havent found another anime that can compare. I have lost count how many times I have watched it and everytime I watch it I appreciate it even more.

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Watch the best anime ever made (TV version + 2nd movie)

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I don't even care about Magical girls and the whole deconstruction aspect. It's just good

I am proud to inform you all that Tomoe Mami and I have decided to finally get married.

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Omedetou user-san.

Æsthetically, it was really good, but let's be honest that it's full of plot holes, and ends on a deus ex machinà„.

Kyubey's the most interesting villain ever though.

Watch sora no woto

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Too much filler and pointless episodes
VN is also super overrated

Characters suck

But they are one of the best parts
It was only due to Urobutchis discipline in insisting they die since the rest of three staff didn't want them to suffer

they are 14 years old

Nah, just Homura.

Especially Salaka.
Fuck Salaka.
Fuck everything about her.

>there will never be another anime as epic as Madoka

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Was a once in a blue moon event bro.
The stars aligned just right


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>Will there ever be another anime that can be as perfect as Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
Yes, watch Magia Record

It's a one of a kind show. To me nothing compares to it.

in corona time, magireco is gonna be at a disadvantage as far as quality goes
but the bds will be steller

Not even the best Shaft show.

Kamen Riders. Some know-it-allfag will come along and give the one that mirrors madoka.


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>phone poster
>using MAL to judge anime

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But it's not perfect. It was full of QUALITY wheras VIOLET EVERGARDEN was perfect adaptation of European Vioctorian novel that pushed the boudnaries of animaton.


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Based and DEENpilled

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>says 'cope'
>image only strangtens the notion that mal are idiots

Guys, check this out

It's shit

How can you compare something to the GOAT?