Autists of the world unite!

Autists of the world unite!

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Tell me about the Mashiro, why does she eat the baumkuchen?

She wants to


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tfw no autistic gf

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After the apocalypse, only autists will be left

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Violet is not actually autistic though. She's alexithymic.

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It reminds her of Sorata

Shes still too young to smoke cigarettes while drawing manga, like all mangakas do. So she eats baumkuhen instead.

>implying she’d ever smoke
The only thing she’ll be smoking on is Sorata’s dick

>implying she didnt already adopt unhealthy habits in the past, like staying up until dawn, not eating regularily and living on an unhealthy diet
She clearly doesnt care about her health.

Mizore isn't retarded bois... She's just introverted.

Mizore isn't retarded. She's just introverted.

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Marry and raise a cute autistic family

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She's not retarded, she suffers from autism

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Please be gentle with me.

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Thank you, Abe-sama. Now provide me with an autistic gf to make lots and lots of babies with.

Never heard that word before. It's good to actually have a word to describe the way I am.

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She’s too good for Sakurasou

She is the biggest autist in all of anime history

Are we all defining people who can't express themselves clearly, autistic user?

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I can't fathom watching the movie and thinking she's neurotypical

And I love her for it.

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