WRONG. If the characters weren't established so well in the first half then the high octane, emotional rollercoaster of the second half would have felt shallow and dishonest. The slower and more lighthearted earlier episodes were completely essential for the tension of the second half to be as meaningful and palpable as it was. The whole thing was a fucking masterpiece desu, go ahead and try to name one anime that creates a more compelling time travel narrative structure than this. I dare you

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The first half was way more entertaining in the VN. The anime is just bad.

I don't care about your fucking anime get fucked faggot

First half was much better than second half, the build up is well made and the characters are fun for the least, but then they just shit on the entire build up/setting and everything becomes boring as fuck.

Agreed, amazing anime

>shit on the entire build up/setting
What is plot progression? Seriously?
>and everything becomes boring as fuck.
You must be joking

I hope this is bait.

>spend entire first half of the anime focused on the concept of worldlines, butterfly effect, ect
>mayuri dies no matter what because DUDE RED THREAD OF FATE LMAO asian mythology ftw! XD
very disappointing

The second half was shit because an hour is wasted on his harem confessing feelings for him while he's unfucking the timeline.

Alpha worldline Suzuha>beta worldline Suzuha
Kurisu is a normalfag
Maho is just a inferior Kurisu copy

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Sorry wrong pic

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Kurisu is a fujo shitposting loner, and thus best girl.

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Don't strain yourself, shounen kiddies will never understand the intricate literary structure of works like steins;gate.

Anyone else think she looks more like Kagari than Kurisu in this one?

Why would you think that?

I don't know, she just looks like kagari more than Kurisu to me

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She looks like Kagari.

Based OP teaching nu Yas Forums what good taste looks like.

Bros It's been ten years but I still cant get over this, I've never found an anime with characters and themes that appealed to me on such an emotional level like Steins Gate did.

Kagari looks like Kurisu.

Exactly my thoughts. The second half was so underwhelming, I expected something better.

>muh anime needs an entire half of the total showtime to set up the characters in a shitty SOL romcom fashion AND THAT'S A GOOD THING!
Cancer like you are why anime is dead kill yourself faggoty OP

>all the cryptical talk about World War III
>pretty much none of it is shown or explored by the end

Thread theme

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>Cancer like you are why anime is dead kill yourself faggoty OP
You have no idea how fucking ironic this post is, kek.


>NO U!

Damn you're a bit of a fag user.

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You think Okabe could've really raped her? I mean she took down those SERN rounders pretty easily, I wonder how she would react

Not with physical force, no.

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Why didn't 0 Okabe just fuck Kagari?

Because Kagari isn't Kurisu, the original and the best.

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But 0 Okabe was never going to see Kurisu again.

I mean, he must've gotten lonely while he was building his time machine.

>Building his time machine

Well he never put a baby in Mayuri either.

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It could've happened after the ending.

I swear to god, this might as well be a general at this point with how many times it pops up.

Tuturu~ Tuturu~

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Imagine a moaning tuturu

Do you think Mayuri moans tuturu during sex?