Steal the show everytime he's around

>Steal the show everytime he's around
>kill the #1 espada with a mere shikai

psst, nothing personnel, ichigo

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Did he fuck Nanao? She clearly wanted that uncle dick.

nanao and lisa look wayy to familiar for it to be a coincidence

>Has two zanpakutous
>both extra thicc
kyoraku is based

He's a pretty cool guy.

Is there any battle shonen MC that was made more irrelevant than Ichigo? The only worthwhile thing he does throughout the last arc is killing the big bad, but that's after all the legwork is done by Aizen and Ishida. I think Naruto in early Shipuuden (pre-Pain) is comparable, but it was middle of the manga, not it's fucking end.

Hisagi has literally Ichigo's face.

>killed one of the few interesting characters in the series who also didn't want to fight him
he's a faggot.

>kill the #1 espada
But it was Ichigo who killed Ulquiorra?

Souleater had maka and soul beeing weaker than both kid and blacks tar in the final fight, only for their big contribution to enter the kishin and save crona.

They defeat the kishin because crona seals him with himself. So not only didnt they not beat the kishin,but they also didnt save him/her in the end.

Ichigo slammed the 0th Espada while weakened and disoriented and Shunsui was getting trashed by Starrk.

Starrk literally killed himself more by shooting the wolves

I hate him he killed this sweetheart

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>ichigo's asspull

ichigo got done dirty during the last arc because it was cut short, the final battle is so incredibly rushed. But i guess it's for the bet because kubo shot himself on the foot by making Ywach so incredibly fucking busted, it's not fun fighting a transcendant being

#0 fight was weird, byakuya and kenpachi should not have been strong enough to kill yammy in his final form, he's a jobber

there was nothing asspully about vasto lorde ichigo

Shunsui is definitely based. Can't wait to see his bankai animated.

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>that rukia

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>kill the #1 espada with a mere shikai
That shit was so retarded it was somehow more bad than the Yammy is the zero espada part.
We have been Kubo'd hard.

>no Chad
>Shitsugayfail instead

forgot to upload the pic

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>That rukia pose

i'm rereading the last arc and it's incredibly how fucking busted each and every members of the royal guard of ywach is

>Askin was so busted as a 'normal' Sternritter that he got promoted to royal guard

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BBS is... I gotta say, pretty based

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Askin was best sternritter boy

>reread bleach
>rukio is like " no worry the soul society is an amazing place where you'll never be sad, it's like paradise trust me dude let me reap your soul
>fast forward, the soul society is an aristocratic shithole where the population live in shanty towns

what did kubo mean by this

>The last chapter of the manga with IchiHime turns out to be the future Yhwach chose
>Ichigo and Ishida cut through it, making it nothing
>the anime will have a new ending, one that's canon
>one with IchiRuki
>it'll show the flashforward with IH shatter into a million pieces, getting replaced with IR

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BOOrihime a cute!

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Be sure to livestream your reaction when they adapt the Rukia wedding novel.

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>Gremmy is implied to have been the original 4th member
>He was already scaring people while not at full power like the other SS

West branch is cool and modern

Not him but I'd react poorly if that got I'm over CFYOW

Rukia is a spoiled child born to privilege, it's like those heiresses that think an orange costs $20 when on sale

Youtube wants you to really play this

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