Why has Yas Forums been so immensely shit as of the last few weeks? Countless of shitposting threads with wojakshit...

Why has Yas Forums been so immensely shit as of the last few weeks? Countless of shitposting threads with wojakshit, countless of career shitposters like the Fire Punch shitposter and the VEGspammer being left alone, takes hours for these kinds of posts to get deleted etc

I can understand that the quarantine might have had something to do with it but it's just so fucking bad at the moment.

Hiro stated that one meta thread is allowed per board.

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user, quarantinefags are literally the summerfags of 2020
Give it a few months when school starts again

>last few weeks
It has been like this for years retard

This is way worse than any summer I have experienced.

Not this bad, Yas Forums has been shit since the early 10's but now it's just irredeemably bad.

You're not allowed to bitch you needy cunt. Yas Forums is still the best moderated board on Yas Forums. Come to /lit/ some time if you want to see what it really looks like when the mods let a board go to shit.

eternal summer

and /his/

>Hiro stated that one meta thread is allowed per board.
Protip: if you have to include a disclaimer as to why your post isn't against the rules, it's garbage.

You must be new if you think it wasn't always this bad

Yas Forums as a whole has been shit for a long time

No, I have been here since 2009. It's noticeable how bad it has become as of late.

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I just wish I wouldn't be banned for weird reasons all the time now

>caring what that cunt says
>thinking it's any different than usual
>thinking other boards aren't 1000x worse
>being an entitled shit

Imagine calling somebody entitled for not tolerating all the garbage. The fucks wrong with you?

A combination of more and more shounentards infesting the site with everyday, school being canceled worldwide, and probably a new round of election tourists coming in.

It’s been a steep downward spiral since 2014

your fault for letting everyone discuss 3dpd shit here like the recent GitS or whatever

these are not anime

>shounentards infesting the site
always been here
>school being canceled worldwide
doesn't matter since every kid has a phone now

I'm going to go ahead and say its because people like you continue to exist.

sadly this

didnt read bitch

I'm from 2009. It has been like this after the 2010's

I was thinking the same thing.
I've never been this bored browsing this place but currently all the threads are garbage.

Nice way to keep ruining the board with off topic garbage

You're part of the problem for giving them attention.

>always been here
Simply not true. Yas Forums existed for longer than whenever you showed up.
>doesn't matter since every kid has a phone now
They can't post 24/7 while in school.

Generational shift in culture is happening and you see clear up tick in non-anime image threads since start of the year. We're fucked as zoomer morons take over.

I'd take 10 gits 2045 thread over these fucking naruto threads


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I don't even get why people have to discuss garbage like nardo or boku no pico academia here of all places.
Threads should be deleted on sight.

Lurked from 09 and started posting in 11. Still lurk more than I post. Took a break from 17 to 18 when my network adapter broke and got a new computer. Honestly the difference in threads was insane. Endless shounen threads and normalfaggotry. There always was shItposting but now everything is hurr durr retarded. It felt like a completely different board. Even sakurafish got banned

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So when are you leaving then? So much for people that hate this place.

would you count CG as shonen?

They are here forever.

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If you don't like this thread listen to your own advice, hypocrite-kun.

Shounenshit = weekly battle manga with large fanbases of people known to ruin any community they're apart of.
So only things like jojo, bnha, naruto, hxh, are shounen in this context

I like this thread though

last season was bad
this season is delayed
next season is delayed
there's nothing to talk about and everyone is home

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This looks too weird to be just summerfags, always altered versions of the same image, posted on almost everyday at the same hours, probably a group of persons, trying too hard to look like oldfags from this place,

Shonenchad wins baby.

Cringe netflix shill