One Piece

Is shounen good? Its rated really high and tops out on rankings constantly but over 900 episodes, I'd imagine take me more than 1 year.
I heard of One pace too that cuts out filler.

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>Is shounen good?
If you need someone to answer this you are probably enough of an idiot to enjoy shounen shit

just read until arlong park and see if you like it.

watch one pace version.

Lmao you're asking opinions on Yas Forums, trust me you have time. Read until arlong and do not post here at all any stupid shit like "when does it pick up??????????" After along take a 3 day break to process and then continue on.

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is it better to watch One pace or the original manga?

It's better to read the manga and watch the fights you want. One pace cuts out most of the charm of the original anime, which i assume you wanna skip because 900 is too long.

My personal feeling is you should watch the anime until 663 where the quality drops then read it till 890 where the quality improves

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similar thoughts. anime minus filler is actually better paced than the early manga imo. it goes to trash eventually but once you can sense itjust switch to manga

Watch the anime up until around Thriller Bark, switch to One Pace and you're set.

>I'm smart Because I don't like shounen!

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The sad part, is you're probably a delusional a hiatuscuck.
There's nothing inherently bad about shounen.

>There's nothing inherently bad about shounen.
How do you explain the fact that they are all garbage then?

>your opinion
Shounen is a demographic, not a genre, it has all sorts of shows. Shounen like One Piece, FMA and HXH are rated pretty highly everywhere as well.

Wan Piss is mediocre up until Skypiea, but then it becomes boring powerlevel wankery and the timeskip was the final nail in the coffin. Would not recommend.

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The weird thing is when you get to the latest chapter it dosen't even feel like one long running thing anymore
Probably cause all the dead Oda's but it just never quite clicks that it was 900

One Piece is good at start, becomes really great from Arlong Park arc to Wiskhey peak arc, coming back to the normal level during Alabasta and Skypiea, becomes really great at Water 7 but again loses a bit quality during Ennies Lobby and Thriller Bark, becomes good again during Shabody arc to Marineford arc (although then you kinda feel bad once you realize that those big marineford hype was practically for nothing because of nothing change outside of
third-person character death but that was supposed to be only like 35-40% of the story progress)
Then come Timeskip and the series for the first time get lover than it was during the pre timeskip, it gets better in WCI but sinks again during Wano

>Not liking water/enies lobby, saobody/marineford and zou/whole cake
Shit taste.

It's objectively the worst of the Big 3 storywise. Would not recommend. You might as well read Naruto first, then Bleach after because both are better.

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yes, the best shounen till this date

>said by a nigger that speedread it

That's FMA

One Pace is good and cuts most arcs down to ~10 episodes or less except the ones that are actually just big and important like Enies Lobby, MarineFord, etc... which are more like 20 episodes each
Even then Dressrosa is still 50 damn episodes but it's like 100 normally WCI is also still long
I actually feel like watching One Pace would take roughly the same time it would take to read the manga up to this point
Overall I recommend it just beware a few of the arcs aren't complete

I miss first and second Oda. Also the one who made Skypea

>clusterfuck of story and characterization
Sounds more like Wan Piss than Naruto.

One Piece is the worst shonen you can get yourself into
please spare yourself the effort and watch/read something else

>nothing change
How many retards are going to say this about Marineford. It's like you just turn your brain the second it started until the arc ended. Quit just flat out lying because you didnt bother paying attention.

Except One Piece is well written and consistent.

Manga or Anime?

It's easily the best shounen.

Manga with soundtrack and some Iconic scenes from anime.

Shit bait 0/10

one piece is objectively the best of the big 3 you should read it