Kaguya anime

Aka himself is the director of this season, isn't he?
I feel like there are little details this season that are things that he would have done

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Damn she thicc boi

No, the director is Mamoru Hatakeyama, just like S1. Aka is not more involved than he was then.

Yes, but I wanted to say that this season (once again) is very faithful to the manga
>b-but muh cubari facaccimo
very faithful to the manga ad I really like that

That's because the director is actually good.

This episode was really good.

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Is Aka really a fat guy with glasses? I saw a pic of him posted here before with two other mangaka, but others were claiming that the glasses guy was a different person and Aka is actually a female (the one next to glasses guy).

Isn't aka usually the guy wearing the moustache mask? Also if you're referring to that one picture with the black dress, that was actually a guy.

I can't believe Ishigami is fucking dead

Aka is male
and the picture you're talking about doesn't isn't of Aka but Yas Forumsnons use it here to troll

Kaguya is such a bitch.
Hayasaka and Fujiwara are way better then Kaguya

>Is Aka really a fat guy with glasses?

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The anime doesn't suck like the manga has for ages now, so probably not.

>Is Aka really a fat guy with glasses?
That's just a dumb meme, here's the actual pic.

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Aka chose the mustache mask because he knew of our memes.
You'll never take this headcanon away from me.

>Interviewer: Is it true that sensei reads comments on a website?
>Aka: Yes, I always read comments from Kaguya's thread on Yas Forums

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That would explain why it got worse.

Kaguya is gonna say the M word!

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>Aka chose the mustache mask because he knew of our memes.

No, mustache mask literally mafumafu trendmark since ages ago..
He probably give it to Aka when they meet

s2 is worse than s1


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Aka is a woman, it's obvious from her writing style

>Aka himself is the director of this season, isn't he?
No he's fucking not, why the fuck would you even suggest that?



I want to pop her balloons iykwim

"Cute" edit when

>why yes, I'm preparing something special for the obnoxious linofags to finally off themselves

Ishigami will impregnate Fujiwara.

>no ishigami "I'm going home" yet
It's dead boys


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