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>first scene of Goro's movie is a boy killing his father
Gee, I wonder why Miyazaki didn't like it

What a shitty human being lol

It's called giving your child goals to aspire to. None of the spoiled neets on Yas Forums would be able to relate.

i'd rather be a fatherless nigger than have this cunt as a father

Yas Forums seems to really hate miyazaki these days, or am I missing something?

> these days

It's called jealousy.

It’s all memes

>you shouldn't make a picture based on your emotions
>only your lust for little girls

>using a film with a $22 million budget to be passive aggressive to daddy
I can't tell if this is based or pathetic

What the fuck is his problem?

well if you are Miyazaki you get a pass on most things

reminder that Goro redeemed himself

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What would happen if Miyazaki never win an Oscar ?

God I want to beat this monkey faced hypocrite so hard and calls him a filthy pedophile Otaku

Yas Forums realizes that he is nothing but a run in the mill pedophile who only got lucky because Disney notices him


lmao what a cuck


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Anno knew

>only your lust for little girls
What is this meme

Behind the cameras
>Look daddy, I made an anime just like your movies
>You are still a faggot son
>But dad
>I wish you were a little girl, so I could have molested you
>Dad you were never with me in my entire life, could you at least...
>You should have grown a vagina, than I would have cared about you
>Miyazaki does a roundhouse kick and decapitates his son
>Uses gibli money for a body double
>Walks out very angrily, since he could have spent that money on cocaine and hookers

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Old men are the future.

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Despite making good movies hes convinced himself hes the Sage of Japan and their greatest film maker of all time despite younger individuals like Satoshi Kon making works with a more relevant and powerful message in a third of the time on this earth that he did.

Also I should be clear that I fucking love Nausica and bought the hardcover set of it so I respect the guys work immensely, but using your position as an established creator to arbitrarily decide what themes are and aren't okay just indicates to me you've died as an artist.

This dude is such an old cunt.

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Get in the robot, Gorô

t. Suzuki Dogezaemon

Is it doujinsi?

>get the hell out of here, denton

Yes, you may make good movies, but that does not excuse the fact of being a pretentious asshole

Yas Forums loves him like all chads do, however there seems to be a handful of basement dwellers that keep making these hateful threads

I thought I was pretty clear I thought his behavior was not suited to an artist of his caliber.