Can a Black Clover fan try and sell the series to me. I see people on Twitter hype the shit out of it...

Can a Black Clover fan try and sell the series to me. I see people on Twitter hype the shit out of it, however I've only had negative experiences with it. Keep in mind I don't like Naruto, so what sets it apart from the usual shonen bunch, if anything at all? Or are my instincts right and it actually does just suck and people are stupid.

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I am open to reading it, I just want someone to explain if there is a reason to. Is there depth in the writing? Is the art good? How does it differentiate itself from other shonen? (Which mind you, have stagnated over the past decade or so)

First half is Fairy Tail
Second half is where their fairy tail powers actually become remixed and interesting

Aditionally, does it have the classic shonen issue where there are only a handful of characters that are actually strong. For example, in Dragon Ball, MHA and Naruto, the main two or three characters are the only strong ones of their respective groups.

Everyone gets to do stuff, but the MC gets to do special stuff because he has antimagic and people dont expect that

Could a side character realistically fight and potentially defeat the main character? Or is that completely out of the question?.

MC is annoying and never develops as a character.
The cast is boring and one dimensional.
The Narutoesque enviromment will never dissapear btw and this is coming from someone who read until the elf arc.

About what I was expecting then. Oh well, I'll just read something else.


yes side characters arent shoved out of the spotlight. unlike 99% of shonens, BCs fights are mainly group vs villain fights where they coordinate attacks against a villain instead of the main hero doing all the work and leaving everyone to shit

>so what sets it apart from the usual shonen bunch
nothing lol


aw come on youre just gonna give up like that? genuinely give it a shot. It masters simplicity and isnt convoluted with bullshit magic systems or characters that contradict their own ideals. Even if characters are simple, they're still pretty fun. and what the fuck is this? female characters written actually decent? what the fuck? I actually do love the villains, they're not S tier but they do have their moments and the fights HOLY SHIT the fights. i wouldnt advise watching the anime (even if its the easiest series to binge), but if you ever do PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST check out the fights and OPs. Not a single OP is bad.
if you read the manga, theres no excuse to whine about AAAAAAAAAAA HES SO LOUD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Its not an issue in the manga.he calms down drastically in a span of less than 3 arcs. yes hes childlike but hes not annoying. Naruto as a 12 year old now THATS annoying. hes just dumb but then again, hes an actual dork from the boonies. also even though he has a broken ability, that doesnt mean hes invincible, and most of the time, they dont milk asta's cock, he actually needs help from his friends and shit

overall, please do give it a shot. may not be for you but its very good in my opinion. makes less frequent mistakes than some other shonens

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That's legit the best part of BC.

What differentiates it the most is probably the high amount of foreshadowing and story planning the series has and surprising plot advancements from seemingly disjointed and irrelevant arcs.

>sell me on this
nobody cares what you do and do not watch lol

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and yet you STILL respond


I've found its good to at least give a basic outline on dislikes and likes when asking about a series. Otherwise people don't know what you look for in a series. If I'm trying to get someone to read something, knowing what they're actually looking for usually helps when recommending them things, as I can mention certain parts of the series they would like.

That's actually pretty interesting then. I love group fights in Shonen stories as it usually gives every character a chance to shine, and shows how the powers can benefit and bounce of each other.

Is there a certain point I should read past? There's some series I love that admittedly have a slow start.

This is what I'm worried about.

Is anyone able to refute/contest this?

The thing is noone of the side characters shines. The 'teamwork' is as simple as any battle shounen with the protagonist doing the final blow.

believe it or not, Bc is really, REEEAAAALLLY fucking fast paced. its a lightning in a bottle. what the anime took 3-4 episodes to animate (time scheduling diffuculties because FUCK perriot), is all established in the first chapter. its really fucking easy to binge and honestly you can finish an arc in like one sitting. i wouldnt reccomend skipping parts because even the weaker slower starts are pretty short. and also about the group fights, theres some underated gems that are actual anime fight of the year worthy. and if you really do like group fights, then i know you'll fucking LOVE some early arc shit. the tactics and plans and the intensity of the moment this manga pulls off is fucking great. its fun, clever, and i genuinely hope you look forward to it.

also, theres veeeerryyy little asspulls in the series if you're ever wondering about it. everything has a price and is even foreshadowed at points. if anything, even the villains get some asspulls because, fuck the heroes, they're SUPPOSED to be a threat

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Dude watch whatever you went. I hated Naruto but I love BC because I love these characters and story. If you don't like it, it's not for you.

its honestly solid for shonen

Alright I'll at least check it out and see if I like i t

BC may be simple, but it balances it out by perfecting its simplicity. characters are easy to understand. theres a shota blonde kenpachi running around, a try-hard to be cool punk dork from the boonies, the squad captain is a literal shonen protag thats done with his journey and is tired of all this bullshit cuz hes seen it all (top 5 char btw), a glutton, a siscon, a creep whos just wants some friends , characters and basically everything is executed either perfectly, or with very little flaws. Even if the villains may seem simple at first, they are genuinely written well. not Madara/Aizen/Meruem levels of S tier, but they are written pretty solidly. also cant get too into it cuz spoilers, duh.

its most defining weakness, its simplicity, is also its most defining strength. if anything you can just read it as a guilty pleasure. sure you can read mha for emotional investment (Bc does have its moments dont worry), but you're also to have some fucking FUN right?

ya wont regret it. hope you enjoy the trip and even check out some key moments in the anime. most of the important fights are animated godly

Its all reused shonen stuff, whats worse than naruto is world building, there is little of it and whats there is all over the place and inconsistent

The start is awful but the manga is surprisingly really good.
BC good points:
>Fast paced
>Good worldbuilding
>The MC deserve his power for real
>Side character are relevant, powerful and do stuff
>Females characters are relevant
>Character development spread not in a single Arc but in the whole story
>The battles are won with teamwork because the enemies are powerful
>Interesting plot
>No arcs that are useless
>The situation never ever return to status quo

Worldbuilding it's actually pretty good if you read past vol 1, a thing that you clearly didn't do

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A some weeks ago an user recommended me BC in a bait thread where BC and MHA were compared. Are you that user? Because I wanted to thank you for suggesting me to read BC, I'm really enjoying it