B-but Yas Forums said it was baaaad!!!!!

>B-but Yas Forums said it was baaaad!!!!!

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Yas Forums also said Japan has shit taste.

It's actually really good, and should be properly coined as SAC 3rd Gig. My only wish was that they'd have made the episodes 60fps instead of 24, since it's total CGi.

what an imbecile

Nips have shit taste, news at 11

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I know netflix funded it, but was it 100% japanese made?

it's certainly not very good, but not nearly as bad as faggots here make it out to be

It's more japanese than you, weeb. That's for sure.

Other than the Russian character designer, yes.

Fuck off Ilya

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>#1 in japan
so is avengers in america. doesnt mean its good

>Giving a fuck about what america likes
LMFAO cope harder, bro

kek based

i literally said to NOT care about. majority in japan has shit taste like any where else.

It's much easier. Yas Forums has shit taste while this show is actually a gift from God

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Story got better over the episodes and cg either got less distracting or they did the shading better.

>e-everyone badd but me! I'm special!!


>No Origa OP
>Remember it's because Origa is fucking dead

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user you know you still have to manually do keyframes in CGI right?

the bank episode was good

not a single anime is 100% japanese made

/a is outside of japan user.

I'm the minority that likes the 1995's visuals and atmosphere over anything else. To me that's the unique selling point of the original. SAC2045 has nothing to offer to me.

all korean made now.

this. original SAC wasnt all that good either. if i wanted a "clean" cyberpunk ill just watch appleseed

And this is why Japanese anime companies will never listen to foreign opinions.

Its good.

Japan is not America, Yanks.

Hot take: CG isn't anime

Why doesn't it look like that?

spamming your regurgitated memes won't make this show better or worse, sonny jim

>when she sees Yas Forums's shit taste

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yet they still gobble up shit like this? you think actual popular movies in japan are all high art takeshi dramas? no its fucking godzilla and power rangers.

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I like the 1995 movie's graphics, too. But in my opinion, the closest thing to the best "anime adaptation" of GiTS is the cutscenes from the PSX game.

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>Japanese production based on famous Japanese IP is number 1 on a platform with a limited amount of shows during the day when nothing else similar is released

>tfw no cyborg gf
Its not even fair, bros

>Yas Forums is the west
I fucking wish.

But does Japan care about whatever Yas Forums said?

the guy self-inserting isn't japanese

Finished it yesterday
>Bank robbery
>ED music
>Last episode
>trainwreck scenes
>wasting 5 pointless episodes on introduction
>overexposed pink haired slut
>small amount of GITS in GITS
I don't get the point of these 12 episodes, worthwhile content would fit 3 ep OVA.

Is there SJW bullshit? Like making random Characters gay just because "is popular"?

>intentionally not mentioning that part where the show looks like a PS2 game
Another Netflix shill lmao.

Yas Forums is just too simp too understand the genius that is Ilya

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It's probably the closest to how Shirow would have made the anime, the tone etc.

>waiting for batou and paz to show up

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Her plastic face reflecting light is so cute

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Learn to use buzzwords according to context, faglord.

Kissy face

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>#1 in Japan
Yeah, it probably means number 1 in term of number of views, not the overall score.

>that watch checking
kek based

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>a new movie from a popular IP is being watched by a lot of people therefore it's good

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keep coping, you will never be as great as Ilya

This guy's a pretty good artist. Why all the hate?

post it

Just as great as the Lion King remake


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This. Everywhere else on the internet the reviews have been mediocre at most, which means the reviewers are unbiased and that's a good thing.

I've seen threads on futaba making fun of Western anime rankings, if that counts.

What the fuck is this?

Thankfully no.

Japanese audiences eat CG up. The Pokemon CG movie was really bad but it did really well in Japan.

FF7 Remake is trash.
Fuck off.

the scene with the soldier post-human guy doing the dodged was way better

i dont know. checking his insta looks like a pretty bad case of sameface syndrome. does he only draw like one character?

He traces all his art

Jesus, what could've been:


Self-insert so he could grab some tits

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No no it's a "reimagining"

Lol, cope

Dunno man I never liked this cause I'm not into episodic garbage

Got any examples? Not familiar with his stuff.

I only respect CG movies and series that are made entirely only by ONE person.
Hell, even one person can handle 2D animation all by himself like this one, for example

bretty good major

imagine 100 of these guys working on a show.