Your behavior is hurting yourself and your family please...

>Your behavior is hurting yourself and your family please, understand you need help if you don't want to do it for yourself neither us do it for your sister, she loves you and she wants to have a brother along her side when she grows up, you mean everything to her please, don't do this to her, let us help you.

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Hang yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.
>tfw no bf

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This is relatable. yes, I'm that pathetic

Stop please

In which way is this anime related?


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I'm starting to miss other wojak variants aside for Soijak.

i cant even remember other wojaks
they werent even that bad either

Oh, you again. Did you ever finish Eizouken or Ueno?

Kill yourself, Yas Forums faggot.

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Not yet, I'll probably start Eizouken soon. It's hard to focus for an entire anime episode.
Shut up tripfag.

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I wish boomer/tomber/zoomer/wine aunt wojaks had caught on the way soijak did.

Eizouken is for twitter fags, fag.

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Is that....

Says the ban evading racist


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I don't know what that means.

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The original feelsguy is ok since it's used as a reaction image instead of "haha this is you xdxd" strawman, and boomer wojak is actually pretty comfy.
The rest are mostly forced meme though.

>butthurt nigger is still mad


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I couldn't help my sister move appartments today because I had explosive diarrhea. Feels bad man, my body failed when my Imouto needed me.

Yas Forums would be more fun *crunch* with less *crunch* *crunch* moderation

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Who are you quoting?

Hang yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.

>Hang yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.

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Hang yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.

>It's hard to focus for an entire anime episode
In that case start Ueno next. The sketches are short and easy to pay attention to. I did enjoy it. While Eizouken was decent, the soundtrack was really the best part

Cute Satania poster

Did you make


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