Has compelling plots, world building, character designs, and writing

>has compelling plots, world building, character designs, and writing
>still only uses it's anime to shill a new format in the real card game
It's a real travesty.

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Only the original manga. The rest are all shallow commercials.

Original manga was so shit it was cancelled while the anime lives on lol

No. GX had a great worldbuilding of it's own. The Academy's map itself shows how much care was put into it to make it seem memorable and distinct.

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For Yugioh and Yugioh GX the voice acting for the dub was pretty good for its time.

But the original manga was good and not cancelled

Not worth it for all the censorship and dropped plot points in favor of le epic one liners

5Ds was really cool too at the start. It's a shame it couldn't keep its dirty dystopian setting intact in the face of lazy writing.

Just to be clear, you're talking about the card lore, like Gagagigo, Gishikis, and World Chalice, right? Not the anime? Because yes, it's a travesty that none of those have been adapted.

I'd like a super dramatic telling of the "X Wrath" set of cards with the qt who tries killing god.

The first season of 5Ds is straight up excellent in plot, execution concept and design. Only minor issue is the Spirit episodes.

Based, I love 5Ds.

Whether or not it was cult-related fuckery, 5Ds suffered because the plot completely changed halfway through. We have a compelling arc about signers vs dark signers (except the monkey guy), and then rather than fleshing out more signer lore we get androids from the future? The reveals were weak, the character designs were ludicrous and Yusei becomes card game jesus at the expense of the development of every other character in the anime.

The new one sucks. It’s not real Yugioh.

talk about Spirit, they should flesh the fuck out of Duel Spirit concept

YuGiOh DM>Season 0>5DS>GX and the rest isnt worth watching.

But ZeXal is as good as or better than DM.

World building yes, the rest absolutely not

should have someone actually good writer, instead of Yoshida

I miss the egyptian imagery in the later series, 5d's atleast had inca stuff which was also compeling but only for the first half, after that they just dropped it. GX was all over the place, but that's what made it so good, you had card spirits, the sacred beasts, different dimensions, anicent egyptians and pharaohs, the haunted dorm, vampires, alchemy, aliens, demons, the grim reaper and dino dna

The Solemn story? She actually succeeds in killing God since the so far last card in the series is her ascent as Darklord

Also, World Legacy anime when?

I dropped Arc-v, how was Vrains?

Since it's in-universe with DM it works well. After all if the Egyptian stories were true, anything else could be at that point.

yugioh stopped being an anime with duel monsters everything after that is just a shill for the card game

I think it had potential but couldn't keep me interested. After the Tower of Hanoi I wanted more from the characters but it just soldiered on giving me nothing but the same.

Something getting finished does not mean it was canceled, not everything should be endlessly running garbage like one piece.

dubs of truth

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It changed before because crow got popular, he was going to be a dark signer, then the cult bullshit happened.
Crow was the worst part, the cult just destroyed their plans a second time.

Yes, that was the one.
Seems I misspoke.

Also, never, same as any other storylines because Konami a shit.

I grew up with the original Manga and the 5Ds anime and vidya.
Was 5Ds the only series that came close to the original, or am I being blinded by nostalgia?

I've read some very convincing arguments that The cult is probably only partially at fault for the rewrites, and that Crow was made more important not because blackwings were good or he was popular with fans, but because one of the lead writers really liked him and wanted him to have a bigger role, which is why he was also given such an undeservedly big role in ARC-V.

No youre right 5Ds was good and somewhat close to DM. For ranking its DM=Season 0>5DS>GX and the rest is trash.

They changed the story for crow and gave it relevance over Luna and Leo, wich fucked up the pay off from other arcs, heck apparently the next Arc was Akiza centric and crow stole it from us with a forced rewrite followed by an emergency rewrite.

The cult shit was just a blow they couldn't recover after changing the script so we got Yusei is awesome the show.

>They changed the story for crow and gave it relevance over Luna and Leo, wich fucked up the pay off from other arcs
Noone in their right mind would dispute that. It's just unlikely to be because blackwings were good.
DW tho, I hate crow just as much as the next guy and wish he never existed. The gladiator beast guy was one of my favourite parts of ARC-V for the sole reason that he killed crow. (and because he used gyzarus, but the crow thing is a much bigger reason)

Maybe it's just age but I don't remember the old shows shilling the cards as much as sevens
"wow rush duels are so cool and fun" 5x an episode