So what the fuck was his problem again?

So what the fuck was his problem again?

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He's fine.

He doesn't look fine user...

Alcoholic dad, fucked shoulder that prevents him from doing something he loved to do, wife died, daughter is dying etc

best romcom mc

Nigga what?

how is it not?

Is it like, funny in an ironic sort of way?
>so sad it's funny

sunohara and akio are funny

clannad is a dramedy, not a rom-com

Did you miss the part where he grew up without a mother, and his father became so depressed he barely ever interacted with him?
Or the one where his wife and daughter died?

I'd say I would feel quite down in his situation.

This guy is the most insufferable faggot in all of anime. If you want to see a character go through REAL tragic events just look at Rei from 3-gatsu.

>confusing SOL for comedy

>lost both his wife and daughter
>not tragic

Nope a shogi player suffering from depression is way more sad. That's why everyone on this board will tell you 3-gatsu is better.

Have you ever loved somebody?

Love a shit.

I loved you user

>Have you ever loved somebody?
This. Unironically I feel like the people that love 3-gatsu and bash Clannad are averse to forming connections with people. Ironic considering a huge theme of Clannad is learning to open yourself up to the world.

Clannad is overrated

I liked Clannad

Played Tomoyo After recently and he's great in it too, probably the most down to earth of all the Key MCs

Me too user

My pure soul wasn't ready for the first hour of that game.

Are you like, having fun at his misery user?

I had to go back and play the original cause the steam version didn't have the sex scenes


He was an asshole way before he lost his wife.

It's an off topic, but I'm the only one that has see the clannadman in the janitor of the first episode of hyouka?

Post pic. All I know is Tomoya and MC from Hyouka have the same VA

He doesn't speak or anything, just gives the vibes of the post-diploma clannadman.
A lonelly man out of place made main subject of a "teen mystery" against his will.

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