What was his problem?

What was his problem?

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I honestly can't fucking remember because the plot is absurdly drawn-out

Which Friend are you talking about? First, second or third?

Got bullied or something

there was a third?

Pluto > Monster > 20th CB > Billy Bat

The first hundred chapters of Billy Bat were excellent, but it really felt like he did massive world building, then realized that he didn't know what he wanted to do with it.

Is this worth reading? I dropped it a few years ago early on

he basically came up with a quirky but interesting premise "Hey, what if Mickey Mouse was actually a huge conspiracy?" but then didn't know how to continue from there

Everything by Urasawa is a masterpiece, don't listen to Yas Forums retards.

There are two groups of kids, the ones with the MC which are the good ones and the 3 evil kids that kind of had their own group out of envy

The good kids write in a notebook stuff that would happen in the future and how would they prevent world destruction

The evil kids gets the notebook and when they grow up they're still salty as fuck so they start to fulfill the "prophecies" of that notebook

During the series there are two Friends, first one gets shot by one of the 3 evil kids who has had enough but shortly dies after, and the other one that cames after him which no one knows because as a kid he always had his face covered by a mask, this one kid sole reason to become Friend it's because the MC accidentally framed him for a thievery when they were kids which caused him to be bullied by the rest

the mask kid was the one with actual psychic powers, right? While the first Friend was just using magic tricks, wasn't it?

I read the whole manga but can't remember shit. That's how good it was.

>So great it blew your mind into not remembering it

what's with Urasawa and being unable to write a concise plot

Yawara > All

Most people prefer shocking twists over a clear and concise well thought out plot. It's why snk is popular

this frankly

The Mask Kid had some powers, yes

The first Friend was never able to do magic which bothered him so he resorted to tricks

>3 evil kids
4 kids

What I found really interesting, it was the fact nobody knew who was the Second Friend. Like, yeah. We finally saw his face and everyone was like "literally who". Everyone was so obsessed with the guy behind the mask and the response was always there. Even in the class reunion, Kenji's group acted in a similar way.


I feel bad for those kids. I really pity them; especially Sadakiyo.

Sadakiyo is the least evil of them.
He has some screw loose in his head though.

I never understood why the fuck so many people in-universe (including people in positions of power) worshipped this guy and why nobody except the main characters could see through all of the blatant lies and crimes.

they are eliminated

Monster > Pluto > Billy Bat > 20th CB

You mean they were unfriended.

It's pretty good up till like the last fourth or so but then it shits the bed HARD. So I wouldn't really recommend it, especially if you didn't like it early on.

so friend-like lol

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I'm also hazy but I think it was because the main character stole a Ultraman-like badge from the local candy shop when no one was looking and then this guy too the blame for it. He was then ostracized as a result while the main character got all the attention from his circle of friends.

This injustice lead him to believe all humanity needed to die as a result.

Yeah it's pretty stupid in retrospect. All this great mystery, seemingly contrived relations and then it just boils down to some autistic, vengeful kid.