Asobi Asobase

This show was pretty goddamn good, wasn't it

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It was exceptionally spicy.

The girls were good.

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It's a girls only school, they wouldn't allow a boy to be there, and definitively not a boy that goes kissing the girls.

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you know who aozora based from?

if you enjoyed asobi you'll probably enjoy this one as well.
wasteful days of highschool girl

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Aozora Tsugumi is a parody of Ozora Hibari from Stop!! Hibari-kun!
Hibari is a crossdresser and has a sister named Tsugumi.

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Damn, I didn't know it was a reference to some early 80's manga. Asobi Asobase is deep.

There are lots of ref to old stuff.
That Cinderella song Hanako sang during Olivia judgement is an OP or ED of old anime.

I feel ignorant now. Do you have any list with all the references? I didn't expect old references in a SOL comedy that feels so "modern".

Found the song. It's from Miyuki (1983)
Compare this one at 1:17
With this one 0:25
Click on the anime or manga. The anime has lots of it.

Hanako's face in ep 1 looks like Dali clock.

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im waiting on those translations
theres five (or so) volumes untranslated

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Great, it seems they continue the translation.
Last time I read was like a year ago, it''s the chapter where Hanako smells the spicy pit.

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I want to smell the pheromones meant to broadcast Olivia's fertility

There's an untraslated Asobi Asobase doujin where a man licks Olivia's spicy pit.

I can't believe the author is this boring guy

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most cute girl manga artists are male

Kishida Mel also draw cute girls manga.
He's Hanasaku Iroha character designer.
Also Atelier game chac designer.
His cosplay is weird.

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>ywn be a cute trap in a girls only school kissing all the girls

That is fun, definitely not as absurd as Asobi Asobase, but it's a nice one to add to the good comedy selection.

You're looking into it too much, don't be like an Evafag. It's just an exaggerated depiction.

not really. I watched the first 3 episodes and it wasn't very funny. Pretty typical and boring waifubait, with hamfisted "jokes" tacked on to call it a comedy

Is he okay? His arms are freaking me out.

Those are his muscle.
He's also cosplay as Shimakaze.
There's 2 pic, one is original and the other is the shopped (trap waifu quality).

a whole lot funnier than DLoHB

not exactly a find since they literally mention it

But it's not mentioned in tvtropes.

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