Can you think of a bigger cuck? Because I certainly can't

Can you think of a bigger cuck? Because I certainly can't.

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He's a simp. Retsuko is a total hobag and he needs to get over her.

I mean, he's a fucking pussy bitch but at least the pussy asked her out
I can imagine the alternate version of this show where it's just him crushing on her and but never actually doing anything about it

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I love Haida

Make hyenas are pretty cuckworthy, so it makes sense

Literally me.

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Fuck the tiny fox

He's cool, but he really needs to get over her, especially in season 2 after she rejected him during Christmas.

He should get with Fennako instead.

The tiny fox is pretty cute.

What was the point of his character? For the average Nip to self-insert in the show?

>says every girl who would never
>fall in love
with a guy like haida

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Haida deserves a good femdom mommy instead of Retsuko.

He has to simp out and get turned down for a few years until Retsuko becomes a lonely cake, has her ego shattered and realizes she took him for granted, only for her to crawl back and find him with Fenneko. It's a classic pattern.

she won't care because she'll find another billionaire. women always have the upper hand in the game of marital life.

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He should go for Fenneko. Either Retsuko gets jealous and goes for him or he gets tiny fox pussy. It's a win either way.

>Everyone thinks the hello kitty company is out-of-touch trash when i'd fuck their donkey boyfriend in a heartbeat

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retsuko had to go with that eat the rich commie who is one of the rich bastard instead of a self hating loner who needs to get his shit together

This. They were never in a relationship, so Haida can't be a cuck by definition. He does, however, still hold a torch for her, even though she is either totally oblivious to his feelings, or not interested in him.

He could find another, more suitable girl if he could just get over his oneitis

There are several million women for every billionaire, user. Your cope is poor.


>They were never in a relationship, so Haida can't be a cuck by definition.
What kind of idiot are you? being a cuck applies to anyone who is in love, even if it isn't reciprocate. Hell, there's even some mom cucks and all.


Its called love, ie genetic comparability. It is instinctual and not so easy to get rid of. This is what drives the human race and the concept for love in that essence. Actual chemistry, and not the retard shipping in that aspect.


>Can you think of a bigger cuck? Because I certainly can't.

The kind of idiot who doesn't let other idiots who use buzzwords to the point of meaninglessness define shit.

Love is a two-way street man. Oneitis is a one-way attraction, preventing the sufferer from finding actual love because they are caught up in a delusion that if they just hang around this one person long enough, maybe , just maybe, that person will wake up and realize that they love them back. And while the victim waits and waits and waits, potential mutual relationship opportunities pass them by.

So of course love is a real things, but you can't force it. You need to be willing to give up relationships that just are not happening so that you can find one that is.


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FUCK Fenneko.

i wanna start watching it.

what am i gettin into?

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