Is this guy the most based protagonist ever?

Seriously, is there any other manga where you watch your average joe protagonist slowly and rightfully descent into something like Moriarty-tier of figure?

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I checked ch1. Looks promising thanks user. I hope its early reference to cookie cutter detective stories proves itself ascended!

Checked out the first chapter. Looks interesting, going to read this tonight, thanks user.

Like the anons above me, I tried to read the first chapter. Looks interesting. Picked the fuck up.

>In this moment I am euphoric

it reminded me so much about the start of breaking bad

boomer's edgy wet dream

>artist did Psychometrer Eiji
I actually thought that Iwaaki Hitoshi was the artist because OP pic reminded me of one of Parasyte's covers, then I remembered that he was struggling even with just Historie.


Just caught up, thanks OP. Great series, feels bad for Kyoichi but I guess it's the end of the line for him. Considering the series seems to have gone on for 10 volumes I just hope that they can continue to make the MC's struggles good.

What happen to Kyoichi

Really cringe. As an asian guy I wouldn’t help asian women. Hate this manga, it’s a simp manga.

Picked the fuck up. Thanks for not letting me sleep user

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Holy shit that's fast. Yeah man I'm 100% sure Nobuto's dad would get into the next mess, and I'm looking forward Tetsuo becoming more psychopathic in order to eliminate him
I dunno man, every page in the manga indicates that getting involved with yakuza is worse than nightmare and makes you realize if your daughter is dating anything that isn't a yakuza is a total bliss
You drunk, Chang? The only woman he's helping is his daughter

Go read some shounenshit kid.


I hope it doesn't end soon.

>ywn have a loyal supportive waifu like kasen

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their relationship and the way she insists on getting involved is actually great, absolute top tier wife

too much things go too easy for the MC and his wife

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, OP.

He's deathflagged her too much though. I'm hoping they all end up as a happy family albeit murder accomplices. but like said. It's going too easy.


This manga makes me don't want to marry anyone if I can't make sure she would be with menif I accidentally killed someone

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The wife and her own family is so horribly fucked in the head she just goes along with everything.

i loved the chapter where he hears how his daughter got deflowered by the man he murdered.

I dunno man but pic releated was completely fucking nuts and I loved every single minute of his development

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You mean, apart from the obvious?

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>You know what, sire? I wish I could kill your son twice.

Yeah, I'm thinking based

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Is this the thread where I can get some recommendations for serious anime/manga? I haven't kept up with things in many years and only recently watched Paranoia Agent and Planetes.
Tried Monster but even though I like slow shows, the pace of the show is abysmal.
What can I watch next? The darker the better.