Asses thread?

Asses thread?

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What manga is this from? It looks really hot.

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This thread is ass

jajajajaja basado!

good thread.



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Katsura broke my heart with I"s back in 2007

Half of you weren't even born...

They are various posteriors drawn by mangaka Masakazu Katsura. Known for series like Video Girl Ai, DNA2, Shadow Lady, I"s, and Zetman.

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You could've started by posting some actual ass, OP.

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>You could've started by posting some actual ass, OP.
Kys baboon

Post the flat blonde with the large behind.

This one?

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nice hair.

I will always hate her clothes. Ruins the entire picture.


How does that not do it for you lol

I prefer tits.

but asses are pretty nice too

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what is this from?

is that a nigger's hand?

Jealous, I see

Because clothes don't work that way. If he wanted to draw her nude then he should've done so from the start.

Oh you’re one of those

liking ass is gay

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Bite me. It looks stupid.

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