Episodic shit

>episodic shit
>Muh help someone write a letter
>Please cry
>Repeat x10

What is the appeal here? Easily one of the most boring shows I've ever seen, zero stakes.

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true and based

>zero stakes
VEG is ass, but you need to get better taste.


>What is the appeal here?

I really wanted to like it but I felt the same way. What little of Violet's story there was I actually did like, but it's so sparse in favor of the
>please cry
Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll Was a little bit better because it had some time to get invested rather than every episode having the writers just trying to come up with sad backstories that never appear again.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the setup. I'm okay with episodic drama-of-the-week. The problem is that the writing is total shit. Every episode has some ridiculously dumb setup that's impossible to take seriously. And the script really could not go two seconds without drilling the "she's like a doll!" shit into your brain. It's insane how annoying and amateurish it feels.

Kyoanus trannies will seethe

>Easily one of the most boring shows I've ever seen, zero stakes.
>zero stakes
What are you taking about? There was:
>Violets recovery
>Violet's acceptance at CH Postal on ep 2
>Luculia's relationship with her brother and violet passing her doll school exam on ep3
>Fate of Iris's clients after she injures herself on ep4
>fate of the neibouring countries during ep5

The show is not at fault for you being retarded.

At what? Your and OP's collective retardation? No, well laugh.

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user you didn't enjoy the SPEED?

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>Kyoanus tranny already buttblasted

The melodrama is the appeal. I know it's a patrician taste and not everyone has one.

Violet's story is the worst part, even in the novels. The short stories related to jobs she does are the only worthwhile thing in the series.

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No, I hated this as well just like any other normal person would.

what do you mean user? She's a super soldier and it doesn't look absolutely retarded at all. this is the album of the decade

>spammer 2 continues trolling after 2 years
This is coherent with what we saw in ep1 where Violet deflected bullets with her gun. Albeit more goofy looking.

The fuck are you on about? Anybody can see how retarded that looks. Take your meds.

Not really. I enjoy it when you retards embarass yourselves.

>Spammer 2
Kek is this the schizo I've heard so much about?

>why is there X in a genre of anime with lot of X
Imagine watching horror movies and complaining that they are trying to be scary

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>Ip count not going up

Wow, you're really upset aren't you. By your definition you'll find many more retarded moments in FLCL.

>zero stakes
go back to your shonen shit then



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Is this bait? FLCL and this show are so different stylistically, please unironically kill yourself if you're not deliberately acting like a retard

Based and violetpilled. No wonder she makes niggers seethe.


>deflecting with off topic nonsense
need another range ban?

The fuck are you on about? Anybody can see how much more retarded FLCL looks. Take your meds.

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Those aren't flaws. It's describing exactly what the show is and what makes it enjoyable. They ARE short sob stories. That's the appeal.

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As if you couldn't have figured that out from the start.

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kill yourself baiting retard

i love freyjahime

There at least 2 spammers that continuously spam VE threads with garbage and vitriol, one of them being KHK.

He is right though.

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