Alright, I am 50 episodes in. When does the plot kicks in? The only story that can be considered to be a mini arc so far is when kagura's father returned. I am enjoying the SOL comedy stand alone episodes but there hasn't been much of a plot progression.

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what, you think at some point the plot is gonna start and keep going for hundreds of episodes? no, this is what you get. gintama is comedy with a few "serious" arcs in between every once in a while.

>SOL comedy
>man has sword up his bum
el oh el.
so hilarious

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I just hope there is some plot progression in the 300+ episodes.

gintamafags be like

>watch gintama it's great
it's boring
>it gets good after the 20th episode
it's still boring
>keep watching it gets good after the 50th episode
it's still boring though
>i promise, it'll be good after the 100th episode

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benizakura arc is the first serious plot arc and starts on episode 58.

just watch it for comedy and occasional serious parts spliced in

shit taste

After 50 episodes you've basically seen the whole series. Just stop now unless you want to hear the same 10 jokes repeatedly.

It's more of the same. It's not really worth continuing. The "serious" arcs that they keep hyping is not even great. You can watch more than 25 better 1-cour series in the time you'd spend on this.

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>shit taste
Liking Gintama is literally liking shit with all the poop and fart jokes in this series.

When the plot comes you'll wish you could go back user

Please make another post when you watch more. It's hard to find actual fans of this on Yas Forums when 2/3 of the posts are from filtered secondaries who come here crying about how the show sucks or the fans are retarded to make themselves feel like they're not missing out on a masterpiece.
To answer your question, iirc semi serious arc somewhere between 70 and 90, serious arc at 120, then point of no return is somewhere between 250 and 300 with serious arcs before that as well though. It keeps getting better.
Though as a manga chad I recommend manga all the way. Or at least read silver soul arc in the manga, the anime really dropped the ball.

I hate to break this to you, but the serious plot is literally the worst thing about Gintama.

This. Don't know why they keep saying it's the best part.

Is Gintama the Family Guy of anime?

Benizakura started at like episode 56 tho, and that is the first seriosu actual arc. Not that it was very good, idk why people hype it.

Because the individual serious scenes are the best part once you get invested in the characters and the setting, and people probably confuse that for the plot that all but killed the manga once it took center stage.

The more you watch it, the more you love it.

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The sword is actually a parasite and talks to him.

Actual significant amount of plot progress happens in:

Basicaclly: don't watch gintama for the plot or you're gonna be disappointed. People like to meme it as japanese family guy, but given that family guy is episodic and perpetual, it's a better thing to view it as than, say, naruto but with poop jokes, since gintama never really depended on its story to be good while it still was.

this and that time where they crash in the OP are the most kino moments in televised anime. also this too

I'm not sure, what was parodied more - Gundam or Dragon Ball?

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kys, gintama is good from episode 1

He have a SWORD up his ass lmao get it? A SWORD up his ass.

Episodes 1 and 2 are really meh.

Comedy is subjective anyway

Does Gintama have any memorable villiams that aren't just used for gags?


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Assuming you mean villains.
TL;DR: Yes
Takasugi and Kamui are almost never directly used for gags. Neither was Utsuro, although that became a detriment. If we're talking one-offs, Houzen and Jiraiya wera also never used for jokes.


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Or so they like to say. Probably fun to the nips, but then again we're talking about retards that kick each other's balls as kids because it's fun.

I'm about 250 or so episodes in and there are some good moments and arcs.
Favourite serious arcs:
Favourite comedy episodes:
>No toilet paper
>Popularity poll