Asuka is for _____?

Asuka is for _____?

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asian cock

Absolutely Nothing.
Nothing at all.

What do her panties smell like?

Nothing at all...
Nothing at all...
Nothing at all...
Nothing at all...

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vagina and anus

artful squealing while lifted by her hips and roughly licked out

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Four-eyed fight hobos

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for me

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Asuka is for Kaworu.

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country matters

Can someone explain why "a-soo-kah" is pronounced "auska" in Japanese? For what purpose in the romanization so counter-intuitive?

Asukafags and other people who like getting bitched at

It isn't. Clean out your ears, old man.

>Asuka is for
the shallow, degenerate wish fulfillment of boys who grew up to adults but never became men.

Japan only has a certain amount of "syllables" and characters ending in -u tend to have that part fall off
Like how "Desu" is pronounced "Des"
The "-u" casually falls off

being locked up in a dark basement with 5 fat horny frustrated incel weeaboos

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Asuka is for asking the ultimate question.

Asuka is for making Rei look like a normal, functioning human that is deserving of love.



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Blood sacrifice

Aska actually sounds like it can be a European name. "Ask" is Swedish for ash (the tree) or ash (the stuff you get after you burn stuff). In German you would maybe spell her name Eschke.

Gross. Shinji will protect her!

It's more that the romanization represents certain Japanese characters, but not the rules that apply to those characters. So while the characters, on their own, might be sounded out as 'ah soo ka', together that's not how they work.

At most Shinji will jack off while she's physically and emotionally trashed by the aforesaid

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>Implying Shinji isn't the one who locked her up after being called stupid for the hundredth time.

Auto-erotic Asphyxiation.

Consensual rape and then marriage.

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