Dance with me, user-san

Dance with me, user-san

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What ever happened to her voice actor? Last time I heard her in something it was as a silly robot in Shakugan no Shana

Damn, that is a short list of voice work.

Shame, not many roles, like Nichijou's Mio.

I... I don't know how to dance.

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It makes me sad, she has a really wonderful voice imo

>Dance with me
Ok, sure

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What issue would Tutu's dance fix with you, Yas Forums?

Hopefully her dancing would cure my mental retardation.

It would make me worse because she'd leave me after the dance was through

Well your sadness would at least make uncle Drosselmeyer happy, all stories need a hint of darkness after all.

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I am the prince's insatiable love for 2D femboys

Great I'll be the one man tutu couldn't save who kills himself at the end of the story and ruins everything


Yeah, what is she up to nowadays? I just hope she's fine. Maybe she's working in radio?

Would you a duck?

I want to sloppily kiss her pits

I'd be glad to

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But she's a fucking duck.

And I am fucking a duck.

I think I rather dance with the faggot prince than the cuck duck

Drosselmeyer is best character.

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This thread

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Imagine Ahiru rubbing her downy feathers all over your cock haha

I can't wake up!

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My favorite after Ahiru and Fakir.

Her dance would... help me finish my extensive backlog of game and anime?

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>Ahiru and Fakir.
I need my shipping google for this one

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Same as you probably.

What would you do with a crow?

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How can you even have a game backlog? I have to spend hours scrounging for a game worth my time and it usually ends up being a piece of shit that I uninstall within 5 minutes anyways

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I would...

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Regard all other with hatred

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Some of my game can take hundreds of hours to complete. I like most of them but I want to play when I'm feeling it.
Also there's a bunch of Early-access that I'm putting off until they improve.

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