Real talk what happened to Oda?

Real talk what happened to Oda?

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Nothing, she's still the same, only her hairs longer. get over the fishman island outfit already.

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One piece needed tiddies to survive

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I miss Robin's old hair and tanned skin

Wow One Piece girls are so ugly. Have a pic of some hot girls.

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This. What the fuck was Oda thinking? Robin is so fucking ugly now

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>Nothing, she's still the same
please fuck off and kill yourself

Alabasta happened. But I don't know why you'd bring that up now, that was 20 years ago.

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Am i wrong brainlet?

>wan piss

I will never forgive him for untanning Robin. What a hack.

He got married.

May I ask for sauce on the smug tanned tattooed seamen demon on the left?


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but he never made her tan in the first place

>animal themed costume
>shiny skintight outfit
Thank you user, I'll need to do some research on what makes her design more interesting and eye-catching than the other girls.

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he evolved

>posts anime
every time

>cherry picking post timeskip robin
>random pre timeskip pic still mops the floor with her

that image you posted really proves your point.

one piece is shit, who cares?

i don't have to prove anything, you're a moron if you think her design improved and 99% of people don't agree with you

That's the anime

>man loves women
>draws women sexy
gee, idk

This hurtsshe was one of my favorites. Then he turned her into tits

When? At what point? I kinda stopped way back, when characters started flicking explosive boogers at each other.

Bleach's best girl

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"Matsumoto" hentai is what got me into white girls.


undeniably so