Help kaguya-chan is too cute im dying

help kaguya-chan is too cute im dying

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Die then

Go ahead


It's ok op, she's not real.

kaguya only gets cuter from here on

Moeha is best girl

Kaguya needs more development

Anyone got a gif of the slut balloon?

yes, she is, we can't save you

Kaguya-chan is a slut!

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>pretends to be interested in Miyuki's interests
Total thot move


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Kaguyatards are literally worse than shonentards. Go back to r/animemes cancer

incel post

I love plain panties.

the fuck are you talking about?
she is not Kaguya-chan.
That's only normal Kaguya

thats a cute reply user-chan

o kawaii koto

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she is a fucking sperg and you have terrible taste

Kaguya gets more development then anyone else in the series though. Chapter 1 Kaguya and current chapter Kaguya are almost two different characters

Iino is cuter

>ep 3
>still no epic sharingan face

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I enjoyed her plans getting btfo by the moon.

I feel like the stargazing miyuchad was very rushed


Why everyone called moongazing chapter is stargazing? Is all of you speed reader or something?

theirs one in every OP

They literally also do stargazing.

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Quite, this seasons feels different and lesser in many ways.
It doesn't really feel as much like a war any more, and it feels like Kaguya became the only perspective character now.