One Piece

Best girl introduced in Wano by far

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Not even the best girl introduced this chapter.

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>creatively bankrupt hack introduces another girl_clone_233
fuck off

The lurking Legend

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I like her gag but black maria is way hotter

both of them seem generic and won't amount to anything during the war, there i said it.

Who's on first?

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my wife

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Since Bon Clay is alive so that means Pedro is alive too right?

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Will Oda give them all dumb quirks?

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more Nami clones

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Is Oven Oden's hermano?

>Drake is the only one without horns

What does it mean.

7 at LEAST.

Pedro already had 50 years of his life sucked out of him, he was already dying basically.
Hard to be certain what Magellan did to BonClay, his df can be deadly, but it can also just be used for torture, and given how much damage the prison outbreak did, Magellan would have wanted him to suffer more than die. Probably tossed him in a lower level covered in venom and left him.

she is going to have twilight sparkle color scheme mark my words.

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Where is my wife?

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This is Yas Forums Just say Stocking

that's fine though. Twilight is best horse

Oh, and then Blackbeard came back up, he's kind of chaotic so might have given him an antidote just from interest in his willpower.

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what a dangerous woman

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I prefer Flutters, but you do you.

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That made Pedro effectively 78 years old, which doesn't mean much in One Piece. How many of you honestly think Sengoku and Garp are in any danger of falling over dead any time soon?

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God I want her to literally eat me alive with her teeth snapping me into a bloody mush to fill her sexy stomach.

you will never be as ripped as Alpacaman

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Is he the traitor???

needs more jpeg

Whitebeard was 72, couldn't use his full power at Marineford, was basically dying.

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Sanji will defeat her by calling her beautiful even tho her mouth piece falls of and show that she has same kind of mouth as katakuri.

>(Special Friend)

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One Piece is a rare series that has canon giantess vore. But it's not enough. We need more.

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I love Tama

I mean, he spent every moment of WCI saying shit like "I will die for you, to repay my debt, Luffy!" "i'm not leaving here alive!" "I plan on dying!" "Welp, guess it's time for me to fucking die!"

Whitebeard wasn't dying because he was old. He was dying because he was ill. And even not at full strength, he was still the strongest man in the world. Your point is moot, idiot.

Again, Garp and Sengoku are older than Whitebeard, and they're stronger than ever. Big Mom is almost as old as Whitebeard, and she's literally invincible.

Zepo died from only having 30 years sucked out of him.

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Who's she a clone of. Oda's still more creative than most other mangaka. The tobbi roppo have great designs.

Big Mom can return lifespan.

And how will you repent if you turn out wrong?

I can still remember Sandersonia talking about eating Luffy.

must have gotten aids from roger

We don't know how old Zepo was.

I don't want her to talk about it. I want her to DO IT.

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>get a cute giant princess
>she has no feet for crushing little men
Why does Oda do this to us?

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Only that he's Bepo's older brother, so not like a fucking geezer or anything.

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