The animation quality of the franchise's anime adaptations could have been better if it weren't for its heavy usage of 3DCG.

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Would it be better? Yes. But it still wouldn't be good, because the 2D portions are almost always mediocre to downright awful.

If they went full 3DCG with everything the mass QUALITY and off models would be avoided. But it would be full 3DCG.

JC Staff using the 3DCG would be kino for the NT18 info dump if they take out the anime filters

>implying anime characters being 3DCG would be kino

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Why does Touma never run into espers with enough fire power that that IB can't completely negate it? It's happen a couple of times with magicains, but espers. The closes is Accelerator's wings.

The CG is the least of the adaptation's problems. JC Staff needs to have better planning and stop taking on too many shows at once.

Wheres Railgun?

Ayubortion a shit

Ayu a cute.

notto disu shitto agen

Wasnt Mikoto lightning like that omce?

Dead thread
Dead series
Dead spinoff
Dead anime

u ded

Almost but not quite. It nearly have in trouble in NT10

esper dont have enough fire power, i think the best non Accel bet would be Mugino but I think the lasers would be categorized as a consequence of Mugino's power

Yeah just like how Mikoto's lightning is a consequence of Mikoto's power

Not as dead as Railgun manga

That's true.

Did Oda causally steal our cyborg design?

Based and deadpilled

Black and white stripped hair isnt as uncommon as you think it is

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That and Kuriba/Doppel are directly based off of Blackjack, so it wasn't an original design to begin with.

Did touma actually stop things Accel threw? I can't remember the details of ot3 and was sure if things he threw counted as supernatural. With telekenetics the power is holding it the whole time like with the glass maidono shot at him.

pretty sure all he did was dodge

He dodged shit in OT3.

Luckily covid will teach them a lesson

Corona-chan killed the Toaru Project.
And that's a good thing!

It also killed the Railgun manga

Will we see more violin magic?

The anime adaptations could have been better if they weren't adapting this hot garbage LN series. It could have every frame hand drawn by Hayao Miyazaki and it would still be shit.