Precure thread

Precure thread

Let the good times roll

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I miss the Precure threads

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Me too dude

>can't even hit bump limits anymore

These threads are just going back to normal with the hg hype dead and the aoifags mostly gone.

I’m gonna watch Heartcatch, who’s with me

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I can't praise user(s) this week, but here's a Hibiki anyways

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>with the hg hype dead

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Mommy, why did the TV show the first episode instead of the new episode?

What are the kigs up to now that they're currently out of a job?

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The kids in Japan are going to lose hope with the healing cures gone

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Started Maho. Cute eyebrows.

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Same thing everyone else out of a job is doing

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i did a terrible thing and looked up precure cosplay almost fainted

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I really love this gif, it's a cute silly moment for Chiyu and has lots of cute faces. It also emphasizes how long her skirt really is. 10/10 would watch again.

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Congratulations, you screenshoted the best Cure of the sason, not that there's a lot,but well.

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Going to post some clothing swaps I have, for the user in the last thread who said he liked them before it was closed down, or maybe it was the one that was moved to the other board.

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An older woman wearing my favorite cure's clothes. This outfit looks good on her too.

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I always liked this one. Here's the last one I saw that was new

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Not her usual outfit here but this reimagining in Kira style is wonderful too.

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And this one since it's similar in theme.

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That one is fun, hadn't seen it. Nodoka looks like she's surprised, so does Rabirin.
Homare totally changes colors here, I like her the most I think.

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This Homare x Harry shipper has such a great style, what a shame.

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