More of this...

More of this? What do you call the trope where main heroine is a bitch to MC and overtime she redeems herself and slowly loves him.

Haruhi is a given at this case.

Hard mode:Ecchi

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uhh tsundere?


>What do you call the trope where a women develops enough self awareness to realize she is a bitch

High fantasy

Classic Tsundere (the only good kind).

I don't know if tsundere cuts it, user. Heroine must have genuine hatred for MC at the start.
no u

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What's a modern tsundere then?


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That's what she gets for being a cunt

She's such a ho I love it.

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Exactly. It's why this shit is so appealing since she became so likable at recent chapters.

this chart implies the girl on top isn't worse than the girl on the bottom, fuck the middle though regardless


>fuck the middle

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Tsundere shit

fucking thirsty

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the change from not knowing shit about sex, to actively wanting him to fuck her silly is really something.

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Anko and Noboru from GTO manga. It's only a side story though

The D

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Honestly this is one of the scenarios where him not giving her the D is the smartest move
>Expels dudes constantly
>Has repeatedly plotted to get him kicked out

Thank god he's not retarded

Does this manga even count? Started reading it just now and she's just horny from the start and there's no serious conflict other than some silly comedic 'get him to grope me to expel him' gag which she wouldn't even do if anything happened. Just standard tsundere stuff

I fucking love this manga and I need more, any similar tsundere shit

>Does this manga even count?

She hasn't redeemed herself. She'd still get him expelled if she could. It wouldn't be the first time she's done it, and dknt think he's any different.

At least read the manga before commenting about things of which you know nothing.

Yeah, especially early on when it seemed evident that she was trying to get him expelled. However, the last few chapters have shown that their relationship is starting to move into more positive territory. In fact, this chapter has him ponder why he's interested in learning more about her. He's starting to understand that she's not out to get him expelled anymore, but he can't quite bring himself to trust her yet.

Little does he realize that she has already moved past her initial hang up and accepted the fact that she wants his D now. He had no clue that she was fantasizing about him taking advantage of while she was in a compromising position. He has no clue that she is only a few more incidents away from figuring out what his fetish is.

I can't wait to see how things play out when things finally come to a head. When she traps him alone while wearing her volleyball uniform and confesses to him. When she tells him how badly she's wanted him for so long and that she's willing to let him do whatever he pleases with her. Maybe he'll think she was just buttering him up all this time to get him to drop his guard so she could expel him and be furious with her. Maybe he won't buy it, but will be too overcome by the sight of her in her volleyball uniform and wind up succumbing to him base instincts. Maybe he'll finally realize that he likes her too, and admit it but ask her to dial it back and let them start their relationship on a lower setting and work their way up together. Maybe he'll just say "cool" and take her virginity there and then like a total chad.

Whatever winds up happening, good or bad, I want to see this one through to the end.