I did not care for Bunny Girl Senpai. It insists on itself

I did not care for Bunny Girl Senpai. It insists on itself.

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It's the new trendy Twitter meme. Just ignore him.

desuarchive.org/a/search/text/"It insists upon itself"/page/1/

It's also discount oregairu.

How can you be a discount of something that is worth nothing?

Oregairu is a 5/10, BGS is a 2/10

>Oregairu is a 5/10

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The Iroha OVA is 9/10 though

Better than monogatari

This is what really cemented it for me that normalfags have absolutely zero taste.

I did not care for Bunny Girl Senpai. The writing was forced and dishonest.

Nodoka > Mai

I insist that Koga be my sweetheart

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>Demons Slayer
Why is always shit anime that becomes popular?

Did people like just start watching Family Guy or something?

Not really. SNAFU has way more humor than Bunny Senpai.

Because they pander.

Sakuta is who every degenerate male wants to be. An asshole who manages to get an attractive girlfriend solely by coincidence in that only he could see her, and has every other girl lusting for his dick. At least Oregairu made an effort to explain why Hachiman is an asshole; Bunny Girl just goes for the ol' "gender equality" thing people love to meme but is fucking stupid. It's basically reddit: the anime.

Meanwhile you've got Yaiba being as fucking vanilla a shounen as vanilla can get. Tanjirou's motivations can be summed up as "my sister", and I couldn't even begin to explain the actual plot if you paid me. No one was watching the damn show before episode 19, and out of fucking nowhere it became the second coming of Jesus Christ due to scene that had good special effects, only for the entire scene to become fucking meaningless at the very beginning of episode 20. "Oh but he shouldn't be that strong yet" you say. Fuck off, if he wasn't supposed to be that strong, don't show him being that strong.

I myself find it quite shallow and pedantic

best butt best girl

just what I had in mind when seeing the bunny girl movie. It's so full of itself at times and the drama is elevated to a point of pure ridicule

>Bunny Girl just goes for the ol' "gender equality" thing people love to meme
Never watched it, can you explain about this a bit more?

lol you haven't even seen monogatari have you? no one cultured would say something this dumb

Oregairu is gold, BGS is Copper.

Better than the world only god knows.


Should it be lower or higher faggot?

Way fucking wrong, also why would you bring that show up? It has nothing in common with bunny girl senpai.

>echi comedy has nothing in common with echi comedy

I enjoyed it overall, though the movie's ending frustrated me. It felt like they were doing a Disappearance kind of thing, two imperfect choices where the only answer is found in the protagonist's values and action or inaction. Could've been powerful if the movie ended up being about a problem that couldn't just be solved, or where neither outcome was a desirable one.
But instead we got a bullshit third option where a teen doing stuff differently apparently prevented someone else from developing a terminal illness.


sasuga brainlet

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It's fucking hilarious how it tries so hard to be Haruhi when the author clearly didn't understand Haruhi

>it tries so hard to be Haruhi
which aspects user?