ITT: it's 2015 Yas Forums

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>it's already been 5 years

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Really one of the least interesting times to be on the board

ok but what was the most interesting time for you user to be here?

>Still no Shimoneta, Prison School, or Monster Musume S2

The christmas break when Katawa Shoujo released.

>guts left the boat 5 years ago

nothing hurt more than Miyu Matsuki's passing
I actually cried fuck it still hurts

>Been on the island 5 years

eririposters and utahaposters ruined entire threads

I wonder what this years will look like.

Irohafags ruined Oregairu

I can already think of quite a few things to put in it

>he thinks

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never change Yas Forums you never change

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> died 5 years ago

I loved underageb& posting and now I'm 20 fuck you all faggots eat shit

Literally nothing has changed about the board in 5 years.

Best boy of 2015

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>no sadpanda threads since mods delete them on the spot nowadays
>no EoE shitposting thread
>_homo.gif threads becoming more rare

And that's all from just a shitposting thread.


>nipple mod was almost 5 years ago

>Devil's Legacy
Good thing kickscam anime never went anywhere, but at least I had a good laugh from this one.

I thought homo threads were gone because of mods clamping down on generals.
That couldn't be right because when homo threads stopped, 5 more generals took their place.

Their mistake was refusing not to pretend they weren't a general. Literally all they had to do was use a different image each thread and they'd have been fine.

Does anybody still have an archive link to the thread.

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I do remember the last time Yas Forums was good, though if I remember correctly there's like 3 differnet versions of 2015.

Man, I miss Kekkai Sensen

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Yas Forums hasnt really changed much since 2010

2015 was my favorite year in the past 8

what the fuck has matsumoto even been working on since then. she explodes on the scene with kyousogiga, directs kekkai sensen, then disappears