Mokuri short anime premiering in 25 minute

It seems to be a 3D CG anime.
Also, Made in Abyss thread

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Ah, forgot the link to it.

>3D CG
Avoid it like plague.

kinda hoping it'll flop so that takeshi can abandon the project and focus 100% on Made in Abyss

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It'll flop because it's 3D CG.

is it made in abyss side project or what it is juposed to be?

It's starting.

its starting

and it's over.
What the fuck with all the hyping?

Post nanachi.

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It's an ad/proof of concept to get more investment/business ventures etc. for VR Hikky

its why its called "Mokuri Project"

They are probably friends with Tsukushi

Also i don't trust "Hikky" they are jew subhumans trying to capitalize on VRchat by creating a "virtual market" basically second life. This is the experiment to see if VR retards will toe dip into their new market they are creating. They need furbait so they used Mokuri by tsukushi.

When you put it that way.

>first thing we're shown is Mokuri taking a shit
Yep, it's tsukushi, alright.

I love my wife Moogie

Why is he the way that he is?

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once you don't find poopoopeepee funny anymore you've lost your innocence.

imagine being dead inside

Why are they showing a little catgirl taking a shit?


looks like shit

Cum on mokuri she hiss at penis

Chapter 55 in 5 minutes when?


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Looks it was made with source filmmaker.

> capitalize on VRchat by creating a "virtual market"
That virtual market Vket show is next week. It's pretty neat, mostly indie content but the spicy tails guys had a booth last year and a few others I can't think of at the moment.
Earlier this month there was a virtual comicket type one where you could see various doujin circles work. All these vr events really feel like the future and I wouldn't be surprised at all if things like this start to become more common.

I love my wife Nanachi!

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Isn't the story based on fan input or something. Regardless, Tsukushi has nothing to do with it, he just did character design.

Meido in nanachi!

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why does Bondrewd love fluffy things so much?

Who doesn't?

>3D CG
>for an IP that got popular with 2D is is inherently connected to 2D
The end of the 2D era is approaching rapidly.