What's the first manga you've ever read (online or otherwise)?

What's the first manga you've ever read (online or otherwise)?

For me it's this DB scan that I still keep around.
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I have autism so I have to go to YouTube and listen to other people read manga. Something like an audiobook but with manga.

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Probably Pokemon Electric Boogaloo lol

Probably either Detective Conan, Ranma 1/2, or Zatch bell. Honestly don't remember which one

some garbage shoujo manga

I had a single issue of Belldandy my parents bought me. Other than that it would have been Death Note online.

A friend brought a couple of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle books to school in 2010 or something, which I then borrowed. Never finished it because it kind of sucked (not that I could even tell back then). I think the next manga I read was Biscuit Hammer.

I remember asking my mom to buy me a copy of shonen jump at the asian market once because it had goku on the cover. I don't think it was an english copy and I was very confused at reading from right to left. Pretty sure it got thrown out.

Either Naruto or Yugioh when I was like 9 or 10.

A Naruto volume my friend got, it was the first shippuden volume

stardust crusaders, I can't remember the scans but they were yellow for some reason

Hard to remember but probably either Rurouni Kenshin or One Piece. Both started coming out in the US in 2003. I probably started buying the RuroKen manga because I watched the show on Toonami. My first exposure to One Piece was chapter 16 of the manga in the issue of American Shonen Jump they were selling at a book store at my elementary school.

DBZ probably. That was mostly because of my brother, first manga I got on my own was FMA and SGT Frog

Online? Probably bondage fairy. I didn't know what to read online when I just got the internet so I searched for cartoon porn on alter vista. Bondage fairy was the first one that came up.

Some random scans of Love Hina. Fapped to naked Shinobu so many times back when I was 12

watamote, 2 weeks ago. lol

Jojo part 5. Was too bored to wait for episodes to drop

Pokemon Adventures, but I had no idea it was a manga because it was the official translation and wasn't read "backwards".

Offline: Mobile Suit Gundam, circa 2000
Online: Bleach or Death Note, circa 2005

I remember browsing Geocities sites trying to find more Dragon Ball shit, but it wasn't as easy as it is today with Wikia and Wikipedia's guidance.

>I don't think it was an english copy and I was very confused at reading from right to left
I assume it was an English copy because if it wasn't you'd probably have been more confused at reading Japanese.

rurouni kenshin. I went from anime to the samurai x movies to buying the last seven or so volumes so I could read the last arc that was manga only.

Well I was at first but I since I couldn't read it I just decided to enjoy the pictures which proved to be more confusing since they didn't seem to coincide well. Eventually I figured it out.

Those were the original ultra shit shit scans that people posted here in the 2000s. I read them too, along with the Duwang scans of parts 4 and 5. Scanlation has come a long fucking way.

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I read through part 3 with these shitty scans too. When I got to part 4 though The Invincible Trio were pretty early with their rescans so I took a break from Jojo to wait for those once I caught up to where they had done. Was thinking about skipping to part 5 but decided against it and thankfully too because outside of part skipping part 5 only had its shitty translation back then too.

There are probably people on Yas Forums right now who have only read colored manga.

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Duwang was worth it back then because Part 4 is just that good. Nowadays, I don't know if anyone would even put up with that kind of quality for a manga's entire run. The worst I've had to do in current year is read One Piece speedscans in French, which is neither my first nor second language.

If I'm going to read it digitally and it's not an ongoing series then sure as hell I'm going with colored.

You're right and for some reason this bothers me a lot. The jojo colored scans almost make me angry.

I can't blame you; it looks fucking great.

I don't think it should make you angry unless the colored-only readers are spouting their spoiled twerp opinions in your wise oldfag presence. It's easier than ever to forget that almost all of Yas Forums's content is brought to us by bootleggers.

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I mean, I only read jojo after we had good scans, I just think the colored scans look like ass compared to the b&w originals.

color is just easier on the eyes.