Do you like it?

Do you like it?

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I like it.
It's better than the "romcom council" Yas Forums has.

Do you like it?

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What's the romcom council?

Yes. Make me warm and fuzzy inside like Tonari no Seki kun.


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How is Komi still a thing?

no, the council was those first two plus kaguya
the rest are stragglers

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My heart says no but my dick says yes

I liked bisque doll

So i just read first 3 chapters of it. An edgy psycho-wannabe who actually gets flustered with the tiniest shit and the story is mostly 2nd person narrated plot. Is it actually worth reading it?

yes it is. there is progress.
Keep reading.

If it were to actually 'progress' now and wrap itself up it would be fondly remembered.

no every chapte is the same and it's boring


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Eh, it does as much with that as it can without ever breaking the same routine.
There is progression, and the chapters where we can see Yamada start to like the MC are the most well done of any. But overall it does exactly what it looks like it would.

yes is peak comfy
only mafuyuben and nagatoro, is gal gohan good?


>Komi's left leg isn't straight on the lowest pedal point
So mamachari is made for killing your knee joints?

Not really, no.

Marin a cute.

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The MC is too autistic.

manlet and super autistic, perfect self insert for you.

It drags out a bit, but definitely yeah

these are all fucking dogshit except uzaki chan

no, it is shit

>uzaki chan

cancer, spread by cancer
add this one


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