So what exactly makes shonen jump axe series, because black clover has been axe bait since its first chapter

So what exactly makes shonen jump axe series, because black clover has been axe bait since its first chapter

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Nobody cares about this trash, it’s a flop.

Which is my point, why hasn't it been axed yet?

Are you gunna do something like this again? Is that the purpose of this thread? Or did you finally learn how to change ips

I'm tired, Jimbo

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It sells like shit but still there are plenty other manga that sell currently in WSJ, and with KnY and TPN ending soon it’s going to stay. It thrives on the failures of other BETTER manga to survive, fucking disgusting.

It does juuuuust enough to stay out of the axebait region.

That doesn't make sense

Poor commercial performance and audience ranking compared to other running series. Generally the series that are doing the worst get axed, though sometimes a series will be axed without being the worst if they are continuously poor performers. Black Clover is still continuing to perform well compared to the other garbage that jump is publishing. It's also typically ranked in the upper half of series.

Rent free

It's not free if you think about it. All the time you waste on these posts costs something

Yeah, he's retarded. BC is going to outlive his favorite manga and he's seething.

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but why are their noses always so pointy

>has been axe bait since its first chapter
more series with more axe bait. Also everything bc has is based on stuff seen in alot of other successful shonen, there's no axe bait in it at all, its only the dull execution of those ideas thats bringing it down.

Did any manga got cancelled that has a succesful airing anime?

>succesful airing anime?
But it doesn't everyone hates it

because that's what Japs think Europeans look like

Not with those sales

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Holy shit it actually looks like a dead body

The majority of people think black clover sucks

You're not fooling anyone Herotard

Haha do the thing Jimbo do the thing

Ongoing anime that never ends = constant merch from kids.

The anime would probably end and then they'd cancel it, but I mean, look at the fucking WSJ lineup. 8 are newbies, and with KnY and TPN that's about to turn into 10. And bokuben, yuuna and possibly HQ will end within the year.

The axe is going to be exclusively dedicated to those series as long as this streak of unsuccessful newbies continues, and most of the ones they currently have don't look like a hit. In a different era BC would already be ending, but in this era it'll live, simply because it has that many cushions.

Doesnt make enough shekels to warrant shilling

Never hear of Black Clover, but just seeing how ugly the mc is I already want it axed.

Why do idiots think a series that sells a million copies and then drops is suddenly up for axe like that makes sense?

These idiots don't understand how WSJ or the industry works. Have you ever seen the sales of ACTUAL axed series? They are abysmal.

I don't even like BC but anyone who thinks it ever getting axed is a complete fucking idiot. Same for MHA.

>Hurrr it only sold 400k copies. Its totally axe bait.

Fucking morons.

This. MHA and BC are literal hits with a massive following and huge animes currently airing not to mention video games and toys. These fools think anything that is not One Piece tier gets cancelled.

>massive following
>huge animes
What fantasy world are you in?

Way more successful series were axed by WSJ than BC, it's just that we're not in those times anymore. The lineup is too weak to do so, or atleast will be once KnY and TPN end.

What's that?

>Way more popular series than BC were cancelled

Name 2

>inb4 Bleach

Not cancelled. Ended on own terms as confirmed by author.

The one called the real world fucking idiot get out of your Yas Forums bubble.

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Seconding this user

No one anywhere likes it


Toriko and Shaman king.